Child welfare official accused of exposing himself to teens

A director of a national child welfare center in Washington, D.C., was arrested and jailed Monday night for allegedly exposing himself to four teenage girls in a Lincoln hotel.

Steven L. Preister, 68, was cited by police after allegedly confronting the girls as they exited a stairwell and began lecturing and yelling at them for being too loud.

He allegedly followed them to their room and held the door open despite their attempts to close it – all while intoxicated and wearing nothing but a T-shirt, according to Katie Flood, a police officer with the Lincoln Police Department.

Preister was in town to help the state Department of Health and Human Services work on child welfare issues.

Police were called shortly before 10 p.m. to the Cornhusker Marriott Hotel, where four girls, ages 14 to 15, said they were confronted by Preister. Two adult chaperones and another hotel guest reportedly witnessed the incident.

Preister was cited and jailed for disturbing the peace and public nudity because his genitals were exposed. He was released from jail Tuesday.

He is the associate director of the National Child Welfare Resource Center for Organizational Improvement.

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