Chained To White House Protesting Don't Ask, Don't Tell

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Lt. Dan Choi, a member of the military who wants to repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell, chained himself to the White House today in what he called a peaceful protest. A group who was with Lt. Choi chanted "Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho! Don't Ask, Don't Tell has got to go".

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, the controversial law that President Obama has promised to repeal has been in place since 1993. Choi is an outspoken opponent who appeared at a rally last October . At that time, he spoke out against the "embarrassing" policy and said many people have been discharged for telling the truth but "love is worth it".

This was happening while Robert Gibbs was briefing in the Rose Garden. Gibbs was not aware of the incident and Choi has since been removed peacefully.