Biden Says "F-Bomb" Was Embarrassing, No Idea Microphone Was That Sensitive

Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday he was very embarrassed by the “f-bomb”  he made the day President Obama signed health care legislation into law.

In an interview on ABC's "The View," Biden said, "I was just thankful my mother couldn't hear it. It was a little embarrassing." (Biden's mother passed away earlier this year).

"I realized there was a microphone, I just had no idea it was that sensitive," he said.

Biden went on to say he didn’t know that everyone heard until he got in the limo and President Obama was “laughing like the devil.”  He asked what was so funny, and his secretary told him that everyone could hear it.

At the event last month Biden could be heard very softly whispering to Obama that signing the health care was, “a big f------ deal.”

The comment echoed through pop-culture, late-night shows and online -- inspiring t-shirts, mugs and websites.