Biden Says Dems Have House Win in the Bag

Lest there be any doubts about Democrats' chances of retaining the House majority in November, Vice President Biden confidently strove to put them to rest Monday, saying he guarantees it.

Speaking at a fundraising lunch for Congressional candidate Bryan Lentz in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mr. Biden said Democrats will need to make their case that their policies are working. “I guarantee you that Pennsylvania is coming back. I guarantee you that America is coming back,” he said.

That confidence was hard to come by just over a week ago when President Obama's Press Secretary, Robert Gibbs, told NBC's Meet the Press, "I think there's no doubt there are enough seats in play that could cause Republicans to gain control. There's no doubt about that."

While Gibbs may have been stating a simple fact, it was not exactly the ringing endorsement House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was hoping for as she and her fellow House members vie to keep their jobs. Following the comment, the White House and House Democrats attempted to smooth over their relationship, but Republicans exploited the discord and used it as a platform to illustrate why they feel Americans want the tide turned.

Republican Congressman Pete Sessions of Texas, the man whose task it is as Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee to ensure his own party's victory in the House, simply said Sunday, "[W]e're going to win."

Why? Americans can pinpoint that answer exactly, said Sessions on Meet the Press Sunday, "I think the public sees this as a long-term debt issue of big government, more spending," he said, adding "...the bottom line is that people back home see it where government is doing quite well and the free enterprise system and jobs back home are not doing so well. I think change is in the air."

Doing her best to keep that change from taking place, Speaker Pelosi was also in attendance at Monday's Philadelphia fundraiser.

Perhaps the vice president didn't want any doubts to remain about the White House's commitment to Democrats. Biden called Pelosi, "“the most powerful person in American politics…with the exception of the president of the United States” and then proceeded to make it clear he wants her to stay that way.