Will Media Ignore Pro-Israel Rallies?

Beginning today and extending over the next week there will be pro-Israel rallies held across America, in Eastern Canada and in European cities. Jihadwatch.org has a list of rallies postedhere.

[caption id="attachment_5109" align="aligncenter" width="217" caption="A woman joins other protesters in support of Israel's military offensive against Hamas in Gaza, at a rally near 42nd street Tuesday, Jan. 6 in New York. (AP)"][/caption]

This begs the question: will the media cover these events? If they do, I suspect it will be with reduced coverage, especially in Europe which remains frightened over its growing Muslim population, but incapable, or unwilling, to do anything about it.

Also, coverage for any rally is likely to be less than those for the pro-Palestinian side because Israel's enemies have successfully transformed themselves into victims, though in the Gaza and so many other instances, they are the aggressors.

The media rarely note how the Palestinian-Hamas-Hezbollah side randomly target Israeli civilians, but regularly invite the media in to shoot pictures of wounded or dead "civilians" whose deaths and injuries they have contributed to precisely because they hide their weapons and fighters among civilians. They are their people's worst enemies, not the Israelis.