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Palestinian legal adviser defends Hamas

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  1. Who Is Hamas ?

    Context and perspective on terror group controlling Gaza

  2. Let Us In

    Shepard Smith asks Israeli spokesperson why FOX News is blocked from Gaza Strip

  3. Egypt's Role

    Can Egypt broker a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas ?

  4. Peace Broken in Jerusalem

    First bomb in seven years detonated in bus station

  5. Roadblock to Peace?

    Will the restart of West Bank settlement construction cause a setback in talks?

  6. Siding With Hamas ?

    Terrorism expert blasts The New York Times' reporting on terror group

  7. Rising Tensions

    Israel holds military drill along border with Gaza Strip , warns Palestinians to stop rocket attacks

  8. Progress Made?

    Has Barack Obama made any progress with the Iran crisis?

  9. Suicide Mission?

    More than 70,000 Iranian students volunteer to carry out suicide bombings against Israel

  10. Chilling Words From Muslim Student

    College student refuses to condemn Hamas when questioned

  11. Flare-up in Gaza

    Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton and University of Michigan Professor Juan Cole debate the latest crisis in Gaza

  12. Time to act?

    Col. Bill Cowan: It's all about Iran

  1. Breaking It Down

    A look at what Hamas is, how it operates and its ultimate goal

  2. Objective Reporting

    Should international journalists be banned from the Gaza Strip ? Mike Tobin weighs in

  3. Common Foe

    Israel: Hamas is enemy of both Israelis and Palestinians

  4. History of Violence

    Investigating roots of crisis in Gaza Strip

  5. Time to Scale Back?

    Palestinian negotiator on Israel's actions in Gaza

  6. 'This Burning Land'

    Fox News correspondent Jennifer Griffin and her husband Greg Myre discuss their new book

  7. Focus on Tomorrow

    Palestinian journalist calls for Palestinian -Israeli agreement that 'will last for a long time'

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