Why are Republicans supporting welfare for the rich?

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Republicans say they believe in free-markets and limited government.

So I thank Congressman Tom MClintock and the Cato Institute’s Ted DeHaven for pointing out that what Republicans say— is often different from what they do. Recently more than 100 Republican Congressmen voted to preserve corporate welfare programs. They even voted to keep the program that funded Solyndra. I expect this nonsense from Democrats.  But I was told that today’s Republicans are “fiscally responsible.”

My new book, "No They Can’t: Why Government Fails – but Individuals Succeed," gives reasons why many politicians support corporate subsidies.

Here are a few:

- Politician’s corporate cronies give them contributions that help them stay in office.

- Some believe that this subsidy will work out.

- And of course – Washington taking more of your money and choosing which companies get it – makes the political class more powerful.

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