Did you hear that? That howl of joy that you just heard was the sound coming from the publishers of "The Da Vinci Code," when they heard that the real-life Leonardo Da Vinci might've hidden a real-life code in the Mona Lisa. Amazing, right?

According to the news that broke this week, historians found the letters "LV" in the Mona Lisa's right eye, and in her left eye (and the background of the painting) what looks like the letters "CE" or "B" or "L2" or "72" (depending how you read it).

So let's be honest: we have no idea what the scratchings say. But it's still pretty cool.

The problem of course comes when you try to decode it. I mean, you don't really need your own TV show to know that "LV" can stand for "Leonardo" and "Vinci."

But, man, does anyone really think the master himself would make something as simple as that? Da Vinci is one of the greatest minds in human history. He invented the submarine! He invented flying wings that pre-dated the best advancements in air travel! He used to write backwards in his wild "mirror writing" just so no one could read what he was scribbling! And we really think his all-consuming secret code is his...initials!? The mad genuis just wanted to say, "Yo, Leo was HERE!"?

No, I don't care what any expert says. It has to be better than that. It MUST be better than that.

But the one thing that needs to be said is: it's gonna be hysterical to watch people trying to decode this before they even know what it really says. And that, really, is the hardest part of decoding.

You see, there are two sources of power in every symbol: One bestowed by its creator -- and the other by those who read its message. The creator can mean one thing. And we, the viewers, can take another.

Make no mistake, we all have power in that moment. But to get the truth, you need the creator's and the recipient's messages to match. And that's hard. Much harder than most people want to admit.

But that's the only way you really decode anything.

Still...when I look at the Mona Lisa now... I see it. It says..."Leo was here."

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