David Bossie: Virginia just says no to Biden's socialist agenda

It was a horrible, horrible night for Joe Biden and his band of socialist Democrats

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It was a horrible, horrible night for Joe Biden and his band of socialist Democrats. That’s the only way to describe the shellacking Democrats took in every competitive race in the country last night. 

The significance of Republican Glenn Youngkin’s victory in the Virginia gubernatorial race over heavily favored Democrat Terry McAuliffe cannot be overstated. And a yet-to-be-called nail-biter at the top of the ticket in New Jersey is sending shockwaves throughout the Democrat Party.   

When the general election campaign began in Virginia five short months ago, few gave Youngkin a shot in a state that hasn’t elected a Republican chief executive since 2009.  But 12 long years later, it was all Youngkin, who finished strong with the backing of a highly energized Republican base of support that made the big turnaround in Virginia a reality with a 50.7% to 48.6% victory.   


Just four years ago, Democrat Ralph Northam defeated well-regarded Republican Ed Gillespie 54% to 45% and Virginia looked like a lost cause for the GOP.   

Furthermore, the shocking results in the governor’s race in deep blue New Jersey put an exclamation point on the Democrats’ disastrous night. Incumbent Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy and Republican challenger Jack Ciattarelli are currently deadlocked in a race that’s still far too close to call in a state Joe Biden won by 16 points last November.   


The Murphy-Ciattarelli race was not supposed to be close much less competitive. In fact, the final polling average in the race, according to Real Clear Politics, showed Murphy with an eight-point advantage. To make matters worse for the unhinged left, residents of progressive Minneapolis, Minnesota, voted against replacing their police department with a dangerous "public safety agency." 

The stunning outcomes in Virginia and New Jersey represent nothing less than a complete and total rejection of what’s happened in America over the past 10 months under one-party radical Democrat control in Washington. In the first statewide elections in Joe Biden’s America, voters went to the polls to say unequivocally that they want the socialist insanity stopped once and for all. 

Republicans swept the 2021 elections in Virginia on a platform of commonsense reform and breaking up one-party Democrat rule and the failed status quo in Richmond. This should be the exact message that national Republicans take to the voters a year from now in the 2022 midterm elections. 

The win by political newcomer Youngkin over former Gov. McAuliffe in a blue state that President Biden carried by 10 percentage points just one year ago is a true David versus Goliath moment.

Youngkin, along with lieutenant governor candidate Winsome Sears and attorney general candidate Jason Miyares, swept the statewide races for the GOP in the commonwealth on an anti-critical race theory, pro-law and order, low tax message that will create hope, growth and opportunity for all Virginians.  

The win by political newcomer Youngkin over former Gov. McAuliffe in a blue state that President Biden carried by 10 percentage points just one year ago is a true David versus Goliath moment. And the great storylines for Republicans don’t end there.    

In the attorney general contest, Miyares will become the first Latino to serve as Virginia’s attorney general and Sears made history twofold by becoming the first woman elected to statewide office as well as becoming the first black lieutenant governor in the history of the Old Dominion. It also appears as if Republicans will win back control Virginia’s House of Delegates. It was truly a historic election across the board. 

From the beginning, McAuliffe ran the race with an arrogant sense of entitlement - it appeared as if he thought he deserved "his" old job back. McAuliffe the career political hack erred in his thinking that reliably blue Virginia would just hand him over the keys to governor’s mansion again with just more liberal lip service. The decision to make attacks on former President Donald Trump the centerpiece of his campaign was a huge mistake. 

Youngkin ran as a long-shot outsider with fresh ideas who found himself in a strong alliance with a highly influential constituency in Virginia: parents. Eighteen months of school closings, mask mandates, Dr. Fauci’s bloviating, Democrats colluding with teacher unions, critical race theory, transgender bathroom rules, and McAuliffe’s foot-in-mouth moment put Youngkin in the driver’s seat. It turns out that parents are this year’s Tea Party movement. 

On Sept. 28 - just 37 days ago - in a debate with Youngkin, McAuliffe said, "I don’t think parents should be telling schools what they should teach." That was the moment that galvanized an organic coalition of concerned Republican, Independent and Democrat parents in Virginia to ask in unison, "What on Earth is happening with our public schools?" Then it was up to Youngkin to step up and seize the day - and that’s exactly what he did. 

Joe Biden is president because of just 42,000 votes in three states. In the same 2020 election, Democrats actually lost seats in the U.S. House, where they now hold a scant five-seat majority, and the U.S. Senate is deadlocked at 50-50. Yet, the Democrat brain trust ignored this reality and instead governed as if they were elected with LBJ-type margins in 1964. This was breathtakingly poor judgment by left-wing leaders at a time when the American people want competent leadership. 

Voters should continue reminding them about their epic blunder in the 2022 elections and beyond.  

President Biden promised he would be the experienced adult in the room and preached unity and healing, but practiced the opposite. "Go Big" Biden overreached and further divided the country like a gullible rookie on every issue, without exception.  

By bowing to the radical "America Last" left, Biden succeeded in creating a border crisis, crime crisis, inflation crisis, Afghanistan crisis, vaccine mandate crisis, and supply chain crisis. The American people want normalcy, an end to COVID, and a return to a robust Trumpian economy. Instead, they got the Biden Misery Index - which takes the misery index from the Jimmy Carter years and injects it with steroids. Biden’s ongoing catastrophe helped pave the way for a new day in Virginia.  

Three cheers for Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin! He had the courage to leave a comfortable life to enter the brutally rough political arena when his state and country needed it most and he came out on top.   


My advice is to do the opposite of what Joe Biden did in his first year. Simply listen to what the voters of Virginia asked you to do: fix the schools, support law and order, and create jobs with pro-growth economic policies.   

And as far as President Biden and congressional Democrats go, it’s time to scrap the radical agenda because America will never be a socialist country.