This is the election that could test Trump's staying power in the Rust Belt

In less than five months, the true test of President Trump’s staying power in the Rust Belt will finally be here. A House seat in southwestern Pennsylvania, which voted solidly for Trump in 2016, is up for grabs in a special election on March 13.

Republican Tim Murphy held this seat for 10 years until it was revealed that the politician, who is married and pro-life, asked his mistress to consider an abortion in the midst of a pregnancy scare. The news prompted a national scandal and his ouster this fall.

Now, the first post-Trump election in Appalachia is approaching, and the result could signal how the crucial 2018 midterms will be decided next year. While the special election in Alabama for a senate seat on Dec. 12 is getting all the press, this one could be the real game-changer. Especially because the Democrats have a really good shot at taking the seat with their candidate Conor Lamb.

Lamb, a former assistant US attorney and Marine veteran, fits his socially conservative 18th District like a glove. Young, fresh and charming, the 33-year old comes from a politically active family and is focused on two major issues for his constituents: the economy and the opioid crisis.

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