There's no such thing as ‘healthy obesity’

Canadian researchers have concluded that there is no such thing as “healthy obesity,” according to a new report published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

It’s been a debate that has taken center stage for years, and finally there’s proof that being overweight is dangerous regardless if you have low cholesterol, normal blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Many people who are more than 50 pounds overweight actually believe they are in no physical danger.


The mindset of most people battling their weight is rooted in the belief that someone or something is going to save them from themselves.

What’s even scarier is that some doctors are even telling obese patients they are healthy. With all the information available on the threats of obesity, this is a classic example of self-delusion.

The greatest piece of news to come from this new research, that proves there’s no such thing as "healthy obesity," is that it wipes out the psychological delusion and demands we operate from objective reality, or the way things really are.

Fat might not kill you tomorrow, but it will probably kill you eventually, and that’s what this report says.

Along with excess fat comes type two diabetes and a vast array of ailments that will rob you of energy, health and happiness. These long term effects are easy for the masses to ignore because they don’t appear immediately.

The fact is obesity will make you sick eventually. One way or another you’re going to pay the price. It may not be today or tomorrow, but odds are the longer you carry the excess fat, the more likely you will suffer catastrophically.

Let’s hope this new study shakes people up and undoes the harm of when the AMA classified obesity as a disease not too long ago, which was utter nonsense because it gave people another excuse.

Unless you have a medical condition that causes weight gain, which is a very small percentage of the population, you are responsible.

It’s not the restaurants, food manufacturers, portion sizes or anything else.

You are the problem and you are the solution in your weight loss journey.

It’s time for people to stop making excuses and stop believing that they are immune to the dangers of obesity.

They need to stop treating their diets like a hobby, stop treating it as something they can start and stop whenever they feel like it, and stop thinking they can keep starting over on Monday.

People need to stop postponing getting fit for some perfect time in the future. Self-delusion tells them their health is not at risk and they have the rest of their lives to change

The truth is, being fat is like having a ticking time bomb on your body without a time clock. 

Health and fitness must be earned the old fashioned way: through hard work, discipline and willpower.

Whatever you hear to the contrary is a lie.

The benefits of winning the weight war outnumber the cost of success. And for those who believe they can still be healthy despite their weight, it’s time to grow up emotionally, face the facts and make the decision once and for all to lose the weight.

If not, you’re just ‘whistling past the graveyard.’  The choice is yours: Die fat or get tough!