Smart Sound Bites for the Contract From America

To add even more bite to the new “Contract from America” from a coalition of Tea Party activists, here are sound bites I recommend to spread the message. Feel free to add your own.

1. Protect the Constitution. “No legislation without Constitutional reconciliation.”
2. Reject Cap-and-Trade. “Cap-and-trade is a pain in the gas—more fuelish taxation and regulation.”
3. Demand a Balanced Budget. “Balance government’s books instead of cooking them.”
4. Enact Fundamental Tax Reform. “IRS, RIP.”
5. Restore Fiscal Responsibility and Constitutionally Limited Government in Washington. “Reform the oxymorons in Washington.”
6. End Runaway Government Spending.
“Put an ending to spending by rear-ending Big Government.”
7. Defund, Repeal, and Replace Government-run Health Care
. “The right prescription for health care is citizen control, not government control.”
8. Pass an “All-of-the-Above” Energy Policy. “More energy choices, less government voices.”
9. Stop the Pork. “Separate the pork from the pigs by voting.”
10. Stop the Tax Hikes. “Tell Tax hikers to take one.”

Finally, to summarize the whole Contract From America: “We prefer the wisdom of our Founding Fathers to the tyranny of Big Brother.”

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