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Energy Policy

Obama Unveils Energy Security Plan

President wants cuts to foreign oil

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  1. White House Pivots From Libya to Energy

    Efforts to curb foreign oil imports

  2. Sen. Vitter: Gas 'Prices Are Going to Continue to Go Up'

    Lousiana senator on drilling in the Gulf, concerns over nuclear power

  3. On the Money: Energy Prices and the Mideast

    Economic analyst advices drilling domestic oil sources

  4. The Hill Report: Turmoil in Japan

    U.S. response to Japan’s nuclear emergency

  5. Obama’s Disengagement

    Has the president been absent in terms of leadership concerning Libya?

  6. Obama's New Energy Policy

    President's plan to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil

  7. Should U.S. reevaluate Energy Policy ?

    Panel weighs in on the possible changes being discussed in D.C.

  8. Japan Disaster and U.S. Energy Policy

    Is nuclear power safe?

  9. Obama Offers Condolences to Japan, Addresses U.S. Energy Policy

    President pledges disaster aid and talks domestic oil

  10. 'Election Strategy'

    John McCain attacks Barack Obama's new position on energy and offshore drilling

  11. Ad Wars

    Top political spots of the 2008 election

  12. Clueless!

    Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) explains to Gibson why he keeps voting 'no' to wasteful Democratic spending

  1. Reaction to Obama's Call for U.S. Energy Security

    Sen. Lamar Alexander says president's plan is 'ambitious'

  2. 6 Ideas to Save America

    Energy independence : Advantages and possibilities of nuclear power in U.S.

  3. Giuliani: 'We Need Energy Independence'

    Former New York City mayor on nuclear power, Japan crisis, Obama's leadership

  4. Partisan Bickering

    Dems and GOP still struggling to reach agreement on energy policy

  5. 'Create Energy Independence'

    Sen. Lindsey Graham calls for fresh start on energy issues

  6. Mississippi Governor Attacks President's Energy Policy

    Fox Business host on administration's handling of U.S. energy issues

  7. Impact of Japan Crisis on U.S. Energy Policy ?

    Will Obama's plans for nuclear power be affected?

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