ObamaCare debacle reveals rot at core of Barack Obama's administration

Thanks to the ObamaCare debacle, Americans are getting a close-up of the rot at the core of the Obama administration.

“The majority of people calling for me to resign I would say are people who I don’t work for,” health czar Kathleen Sebelius says.

Press secretary Jay Carney dismisses all those complaining about the screw-ups as “willfully ignorant” and “partisan.”


The refusal to see any criticism as legitimate helps explain why Obama is a failed president. He rammed ObamaCare through Congress without GOP votes, so it is bizarre to claim now that Republicans permanently forfeited all right to complain. His us-against-them mentality restricts input to those who agree with him.

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    The same dynamic is playing out in foreign policy. Israel, Saudi Arabia, France and Germany have lost confidence in our policies on Syria, Iran and surveillance. They, too, have been shut out because his way is the only way.

    Meanwhile, our enemies have his ear. Their complaints alone are taken seriously.

    That’s who he is.

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