Obama, our P.C. president, wants to fight terrorist thugs with hugs

After the capture of the second Boston bombing suspect, President Obama gave a Friday-night speech to praise private citizens and law-enforcement officials. He called the bombers “terrorists” and said, “They failed because the people of Boston refused to be intimidated. They failed because, as Americans, we refused to be terrorized.”

Good, strong stuff — before he ruined it. Obama’s uplifting tone suddenly shifted into peevish scold as he warned against a rush to judgment “about the motivations of these individuals” or “entire groups of people.”


He continued: “One of the things that makes America the greatest nation on Earth . . . is that we welcome people from all around the world — people of every faith, every ethnicity, from every corner of the globe. So as we continue to learn more about why and how this tragedy happened, let’s make sure that we sustain that spirit.”

My immediate reaction was loud and unprintable. Reading the transcript in the light of day didn’t help.

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To put it kindly, the president is stuck in deep denial. Shadow-boxing against the truth, he can’t bring himself to say “Muslim terrorists.”

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