The Syrian government slaughters its own people, terrorists launch horrific suicide bombings in Iraq, the Taliban start a new campaign of beheadings, an Afghan soldier murders two American soldiers — and Barack Obama apologizes.

The news from the Mideast produces a here-we-go-again feeling, not least because of the president’s craven response. Instead of putting into context the mistake of burning Islamic religious books by recalling how America has liberated millions of innocent Muslims from other, monstrous Muslims, Obama added fuel to the fire with his apology and promise to hold the guilty accountable. He can begin his witch hunt as soon as the GIs return from the funerals of their comrades killed by Afghan mobs.

The false terrorist narrative that America is on a crusade in Muslim lands won’t go away by our begging for forgiveness every time we screw up. Our clumsy handling of the Koran and other books is no excuse for murder, and the president ought to have been brave enough to say so.

Instead, he bows to the mob, a weakness that can only be seen as justifying the blood lust. Three years into the job and more than 1,500 of our soldiers dead on his watch at the hands of Muslim terrorists, you’d think he would have learned as much.

Perhaps Obama will find time to apologize to the families of the two murdered soldiers and to those of two more officers killed Saturday. Or are their lives less valuable than a few scraps of paper?

Michael Goodwin is a Fox News contributor and New York Post columnist. To continue reading his column on other topics including the NYPD, click here