Northam, Fairfax, Herring: Virginia's triple crown of losers makes capitol look like set of reality TV show

Infanticide, racism, and allegations of sexual assault — to say Democrats in Virginia have had a bad two weeks is an understatement, and it appears it’s not over yet.

Wednesday Virginia’s Democratic Attorney General Mark Herring released a statement admitting to wearing blackface to a college party in 1980. If anyone is keeping track he’s third in line for the governor’s office.

It all began with Democratic Governor Ralph Northam advocating infanticide following public pushback a Democratic delegate received for a bill that allowed for mid-labor abortions. Then out came a racist photo in the governor’s medical school yearbook, followed by sexual assault allegations directed at Democratic Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax.


It’s becoming like a bad reality show, and at this point, it feels like most people in Virginia just want the governor out of the mansion.

Ironically, Northam who supported infanticide in the late-term abortion debate is desperately trying to make it to full term as governor.

Governor Northam is a licensed pediatrician. Where were the outcries for his resignation after he suggested accepting infanticide as if it were perfectly reasonable and humane in a civilized society? The U-Haul should have been at the governor’s mansion the same day. And yet crickets from the left.

He initially apologized for a picture of a person in blackface and a person dressed in KKK garb that appeared under his name in his 1984 medical school yearbook.

However, after taking time to reflect and talk to former classmates, he denied that he was one of the people in the picture after all when he held a press conference the following day.

If you need time to reflect on whether or not you’ve dressed as a racist, then there’s not much else the rest of us need to know about you.

Still, during his mea culpa Northam wanted to make sure we knew there was one time he did dress up in blackface to channel Michael Jackson for a dance.

In case you were wondering, the governor made sure to also discuss the hardship of removing shoe polish from your face. For a minute it seemed like he might pull out a washcloth and a bottle of shoe polish and give us a tutorial.

His press conference was a one-man show and had all the makings of a “Saturday Night Live” skit — after “SNL” stopped being funny and just got weird.

It left you wondering if anyone in his press office gave his speech a quick once-over before he walked out in front of the cameras and nearly busted out into the Moonwalk.

It was “Bad” — pun intended -- and pressure has only continued to mount for him to resign from countless Democrats who’ve distanced themselves from him. Northam is a walking disaster and should resign. Why is it taking this long?

Governor Northam is a licensed pediatrician. Where were the outcries for his resignation after he suggested accepting infanticide as if it were perfectly reasonable and humane in a civilized society? The U-Haul should have been at the governor’s mansion the same day. And yet crickets from the left.

In light of Northam’s endorsement for infanticide, as well as the recently passed New York law that allows abortion up until birth, President Trump, in his State of the Union address Tuesday night called on Congress to pass legislation to prohibit all late-term abortion, as opposed to just partial-birth abortion which is already illegal.

In what was already a whole lot of shameful and outrageous to plague Democrats in Virginia in one week, along came another curveball thrown into the mix. Amid a chorus line of calls for Northam’s resignation from Democrats and Republicans alike, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax faced sexual assault allegations dating back to the 2004 Democratic National Convention when he worked for presidential hopeful John Edwards.

Fairfax admitted to having had a consensual encounter with Vanessa Tyson, who’s now an associate professor of politics at Scripps College in Claremont, California, but he vehemently denies allegations of assault.

Big League Politics, the same website that released Governor Northam’s yearbook photos reported the allegation. It turns out the Washington Post investigated the allegation over a year ago but couldn’t corroborate it so they didn’t run the story.

Since when is corroboration the standard for the mainstream media? Asking for Brett Kavanaugh.

I remember being told in no uncertain terms during the Kavanaugh hearing that we’re supposed to believe women —always, unequivocally and with no questions asked.

Speaking of deja vu, Tyson recently hired Katz, Marshall and Banks, the same law firm that represented Kavanaugh’s accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.

Democrats in the Virginia House and Senate said in a statement, “The facts here are still being determined. Every individual deserves the opportunity to be heard, and we respect anyone who comes forward to share their story.”

That’s a much different tone than we heard from Democrats during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings when they had no interest in facts or in hearing from then Judge Kavanaugh. Because: #believewomen.

Speaking of tone, NBC News reported that Fairfax had these words to say of Tyson Monday evening in a private meeting: “F** that b**.”

That’s nice. He’s next in line for keys to governor’s mansion if you’re still counting.

In news of even more palace intrigue, Fairfax initially suggested to the media that he believed Governor Northam was behind the assault story surfacing. The timing of which conveniently coincided with calls for the governor’s resignation, in which case Fairfax would get a promotion.

He’s now backtracking and seemingly pointing a veiled finger at Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney as the possible source behind the assault story, an insinuation Stoney denies.

Coming full circle, Fairfax served as vice-chair of Planned Parenthood Metropolitan Washington Action Fund’s board. If he were to become governor it’s likely he would be every bit as extreme as Northam when it comes to his position on late-term abortion.

Democrats, especially those running for president in 2020, were quick to call for Northam’s resignation after the release of his yearbook photo. In fact, most Democratic candidates running for president in 2020 called for him to turn in the keys to the governor’s mansion before either of Virginia’s Democratic Senators, Tim Kaine or Mark Warner. The two men were virtually the last to call for resignation.

Democrats need Northam out of sight and out of the minds of voters and as far removed from the 2020 elections as possible. They don’t want voters to be reminded that it’s their party that has a race problem — not the people who wear red MAGA hats.

While Democrats wasted no time calling for Northam’s resignation after the racist photo emerged, what does it say about their party that infanticide wasn’t a bridge too far for them?

Welcome to crazy town. The Democratic Party is in shambles right now. In the aftermath of a big mid-term election victory in the House of Representatives, the public has been treated to extremism and self-destruction.


If you’re a Republican you could have a good laugh if any of this were at all funny. But there is nothing funny about infanticide, racism or alleged sexual assault.

Rather than let Virginia’s leaders continue to play out their reality show in our state capitol and wait to see what happens next, perhaps they need to relocate to their own island, and Virginia can get the leadership we deserve where humans of all sizes and colors are treated with respect and dignity.