NEWT GINGRICH: Listen to the People Who Create Jobs, Mr. President

After a smoke and mirrors "jobs summit" in Washington on Thursday, President Obama is headed out into the real world today -- to Allentown, Pa. -- to talk more about jobs, and good for him.

But instead of shutting out those who disagree with him like he did at his Washington gathering, the president needs to let some crashers into the jobs party in Allentown. He might not like what they have to tell him, but Obama needs to hear the voices of America's small- business men and women.

To be precise, Obama needs to hear the concerns of American businessmen like David Taylor.
Taylor is a leader of the Pennsylvania Manufacturers' Association. In an interview with a Pennsylvania newspaper in anticipation of the president's visit, Taylor delivered a point-by-point repudiation of the White House and the Democratic Congress' big-government, big-spending, high-taxing plan for the economy.

Taylor expressed the same concerns I heard this week in a series of "Real Jobs Summits" with small-business people and entrepreneurs in Cincinnati, Ohio and Jackson, Miss.: Out-of-control government spending and bureaucratic red tape in the form of Democratic health, cap-and-trade and big-labor legislation are crippling America's engines of job creation, our small businesses.

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