Michael Goodwin: The Hillary Clinton Protection Racket at the Washington Post is alive and well

In singling out the New York Times for its biased political coverage, I have slighted the Hillary Clinton Protection Racket at the Washington Post. I hereby atone.

Clinton hacked and hacked so much into the microphone Monday as she tried to give a Labor Day speech in Cleveland that her coughing was the news.

But not at the Washington Post, which ran to rescue its candidate. Its lead political blogger, Chris Cillizza, wrote a scathing piece to debunk the idea that Clinton is hiding a serious health issue.

“This is a totally ridiculous issue — for lots of reasons,” Cillizza declared. “The simple fact is that there is zero evidence that anything is seriously wrong with Clinton.”

He went on to offer Donald Trump unsolicited, and almost certainly insincere, advice, saying the issue “is a surefire loser in the fall.”

Instantly, Cillizza became the target of Post readers online, with most of the 3,000 comments attacking him and the paper as shills for Clinton.

A number mentioned the nearly 40 times she told the FBI she couldn’t remember or didn’t recall things, citing her fall and concussion in 2012.

Others recalled that the Post had no trouble challenging Republican candidates over health and age issues, from Ronald Reagan to John McCain.

More than one reader called the paper the “Washington Compost” and another joked it was a “vast right-wing conspiracy that causes Clinton to fall and hit her head.”

The gist of the outpouring was captured by one reader who said Cillizza would not take the same position “if Trump were suffering from chronic coughing fits that lasted over many months.”

That’s for certain, so here’s the bottom line: Like the Times, the Washington Post’s only standard is a double standard.

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