Media Snub of Tea Parties Makes Me Want To Go

Tommy De SenoAttorney/Editor, Justified

For 8 years I suffered through news images of protests against President Bush when more media people showed up than protesters.The media would cover protests with as little as 15 people if they were protesting the war.

On April 15 America will have a nationwide protest in hundreds of cities that is predicted to be the largest in American history.Some predict 100,000 people will take part. Some predict up to one million protesters will take to the streets.

The Tea Party protest is non-partisan and about economics only.The protest straddles the actions that began with President Bush's $700 billion bank bailout buffoonery and has brought us to President Obama's stimulus package debacle.

In an effort to keep Wednesday's events non-partisan, a request by Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele to be a speaker was turned down by tea party organizer.That seems to be the case everywhere, as elected officials are being invited to protest with the people, but not to speak.

This morning I went through the various news organization Web sites to read about tomorrow's historical day.Only FOX News had coverage of the Tea Party Protests.The rest had no coverage. NONE!

Here are some headlines which are apparently more important than the largest ever populist protest in America. The following headlines appeared on the home pages of the Web sites listed below:

CNN:Giant Purple Garage Ticks Off Neighbors.

MSNBC:Lil Kim Dazzles on Dancing with the Stars.

Yahoo News:Mystery of Tooth Strength Cracked.

Google News:Obama's Dog Choice Makes Splash In Britain.

CBS:Photos of Protesters [But guess where they are?! InThailand!]

ABC:Are Date Rape Jokes Funny?

NBC: Mexico Complains About Burger King Ad.

NY Times:Can Animals Pay Taxes?

Wash Post:Wardrobe Makeover Tips.

Also, guess what was the one issue that had every news outlet so excited, so absolutely deep-breathing, pulsating, wound-up and about to burst with exhilaration that each one had to make it front page news everywhere?

Porn star Marilyn Chambers has died.

Good grief.That's more important than the expression of frustration by Americans all over our great nation?

I wasn't planning to go to the Tea Parties tomorrow because like many other Americans, I can't afford a day off work in these trying times.But this experiment this morning changed my mind.I'll be there.

Find the Tea Party nearest you by clicking here.