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Michael Steele

All Aboard the Fire Pelosi Tour

RNC Chair Michael Steele gives his take on the state of the midterm elections

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  1. The Race Card?

    Lt. Gov. Michael Steele on McCain's ads!

  2. Is There an Echo in Here?

    Has Obama started taking cues from Hillary Clinton's playbook? FOX News contributers Michael Steele and Lanny Davis compare messages

  3. White House Spin?

    RNC Chairman Michael Steele says Snowe's vote does not mean health care bill is 'bipartisan'

  4. History in the Making

    Howard Wolfson and Michael Steele weigh in on the significance of the 2008 election

  5. Tipping the Scale?

    Was McCain's NAACP speech enough to court the black vote? Rev. Al Sharpton and Michael Steele weigh in

  6. Economy and Debate Wrap-up

    Bob Beckel and Michael Steele discuss this week in politics

  7. Republican Reaction

    RNC chairman Michael Steele rates president's prime-time push

  8. All About the Delivery!

    GOPAC's Michael Steele on McCain!

  9. 'Struggling Big Time'

    Is the GOP suffering from an identity crisis? Michael Steele responds

  10. Corrupt Process?

    Will Gov. Blagojevich get a fair hearing? Bob Beckel and Michael Steele debate

  11. Cap-and-Trade Counterattack

    Can the GOP squash the climate change bill? RNC Chairman Michael Steele responds

  12. Geraldo At Large

    Sunday, 10p/1a ET: Michael Steele and Ed Rendell tell us what we can expect and what will get done on the hill.

  1. Michael Steele Responds to Campaign Cash Controversy

    RNC chair on anonymous donor

  2. Michael Steele

    RNC chairman on Specter holding three town hall meetings on health care

  3. Michael Steele on 'Firing' Nancy Pelosi

    RNC chairman says voters sent message to Washington

  4. Closing Argument: Michael Steele

    Bret Baier sits down with the RNC chairman

  5. Steele Reacts

    Michael Steele joins Alan to reveal how he felt after being ousted as RNC Chairman.

  6. The Great RNC Debate

    Tucker Carlson on Michael Steele's struggle to save his job

  7. Demographic Gain?

    Part 2 of Rev. Al Sharpton and Michael Steele's analysis of McCain's NAACP performance

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