McCain's Camp Praises Sanford and Trashes Palin?

For some reason, Meghan McCain, writing in The Daily Beast, seems to think adulterous politicians, like South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, should be forgiven and can still do a darn good job representing their constituents. Why? Because lying, cheating and betraying the ones closest to you should not at all be held against you nor should it make people presume you might betray complete strangers known as "constituents." While you use tax payer money to indulge in your cheating. And while it exposes you to blackmail and other sundry stuff. Not at all. No Sirree. Because, you see, marriage can be "complicated." Gee, I wonder where she gets these ideas?

Now to John McCain's other people who just can't seem to stop maligning Sarah Palin. A woman who was chosen by them, a woman who single-handedly made the John McCain campaign relevant and viable. And what do they do in return? Continue their own backstabbing jihad. Why? Maybe because she doesn't fit the scenario noted above by Meghan "Deep Thoughts" McCain? The more likely scenario, of course, is those in charge of the Worst Campaign in History want someone else to blame.

I don't know why at least two McCains (and various hanger-on-ers) seem to be deeply irritated by a politician/wife/mother who has managed to do a great job for her state, represent the Reagan legacy and Christian values without being a lying, cheating, adulterous hypocrite. In today's McCain/Bush/Romney/Cantor/Steele-led GOP, that is a dangerous threat and one to be smeared and eliminated. In my world that's something to laud. We know there are good, honest people out there ready to serve this nation and treat America to the same fidelity and commitment they honor in their relationship. This nation deserves that respect and we demand nothing less.

Accordingly, the folks at are rightly appalled at a massive and outrageous hit piece on Palin in the August edition of Vanity Fair. Joseph Russo takes sharp aim. In John McCain's People Can Not Stop Trashing Sarah Palin he notes:

I am amazed that somebody was actually paid to write this garbage, and that is exactly what it is: garbage. The same tired old lies and distortions are thrown at Governor Palin by the same tired old backstabbers from the McCain campaign. You know, I really hate to say this, but the behavior by these staffers really shows you what kind of people John McCain attracts as a politician. So, John, "my friend," please stop sending me fundraising e-mails.

People like John McCain and others who have been part of the self-absorbed, navel-gazing and corrupt Washington environment for a quarter century no doubt resent someone not "of them." But it is indeed odd when Sarah Palin, a bright, shining light for conservatives remains the prime target of the existing machine, while Mark Sanford and other hypocritical liars are serenaded as getting a raw deal by the very public daughter of a defacto leader of the party.

This tells you a few things about self-styled GOP "leaders" themselves and the fact that they seem more than comfortable turning the Reagan GOP (Grand old Party) into the Ensign/Sanford GOP (Grand Old Partaaaay!). Independent Conservatives know there are two revolutions needed, one to take back the GOP from limp, visionless faux "conservatives," and then on to Congress stopping Obama's destructive and reckless agenda in its tracks.