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Mark Sanford

Friend of the Family

South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis on Governor Sanford's sex scandal

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  1. Clip Their Wings

    Outrage over lawmakers spending taxpayer money on luxury jets

  2. Hourly Update

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  3. Bottomless Borrowing?

    Gov. Mark Sanford defends his anti-bailout views

  4. Politician Reappears

    Missing South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford surfaces after five days; claims he was hiking the Appalachian Trail

  5. 'Soul Searching'

    Gov. Sanford apologizes to South Carolina Cabinet; state senator fires back

  6. Promising Prospects

    Who will Republicans turn to for 2012 presidential race?

  7. Looking for Love

    What can married couples learn from Mark and Jenny Sanford?

  8. Unexpected Absence

    Lieutenant governor of South Carolina on confusion about who was in charge when Gov. Sanford disappeared

  9. Political Pattern

    Politicians who stray seek forgiveness in public

  10. Double Standard?

    Press gives John Edwards pass for affair, while putting Gov. Mark Sanford in national spotlight

  11. Coming 'Round the Mountain

    Appalachian Trail attracting budget-conscious travelers

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  1. Talking Points: 6/25

    Celebrating the destruction of others

  2. Out of the Running?

    Karl Rove on Gov. Sanford's political future after affair

  3. The One Thing: 6/25

    Character does matter

  4. Welcome Home?

    Critics take shots at Gov. Sanford over disappearance

  5. Infidelity Bombshell

    Implications of Governor Sanford disappearing for days while having an extramarital affair

  6. Another Cup of Tea

    Americans celebrate independence with 'tea party' protests

  7. Cheat Sheet

    A look at sex scandals and how politicians handle them

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