Democrats have convinced themselves that it would be far worse to do nothing on health care than listen to the concerns of the public. And they have demonstrated they will stop at nothing to get some form of legislation passed – even using the House Rules Committee to draft a new rule that would make it possible for Speaker Pelosi to pass the bill without an actual vote!

This jaw-dropping abuse of power has appropriately been labeled the “Slaughter Strategy” after Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-NY) the tactic’s chief architect and a close Pelosi ally. It would give members of the Democratic Caucus cover. Why, you ask? Because it would skip the step that would force our lawmakers to place an “aye” vote next to a radioactive, unpopular piece of legislation that they will have to defend until Election Day in the fall.

This type of manipulation of government process might be the most perverse we’ve seen to date.

Why are they doing this, you might ask? Pelosi needs to employ any game plan she can to get her way since she’s poised to lose about a dozen members over the issue of federal funding of abortion. Though Bart Stupak, and others, will hold firm, there are members of Congress who will cave in to the Speaker’s wishes from pressure. Think of it this way: the vote on health care reform will be the defining moment that showcases who the true pro-life Democrats really are.

The White House will also help Speaker Pelosi any way it can to drag the bloody body that is the health care bill over the finish line. The Associated Press reported on Friday that though Obama has railed against the "ugly process" of cutting special deals, the president and his top advisers were prime time players in negotiations on the agreements to win votes and move the legislation forward.

So what exactly will they promise the members to get their way?

Answer: A lot. And a lot of those promises will include various ways to spend your money.

As of now, the votes for passage aren’t there. No less an expert than the House Democratic Whip revealed that the party is short of the votes on Sunday’s “Meet the Press.” This is despite Pelosi’s intentional deception to portray the picture as otherwise last Wednesday when she insisted she would have the 216 needed for victory if the bill was brought to the floor. But that was a lie; if she had the support necessary we would be watching a vote on C-SPAN. You’ve gotta believe that the second she hits the magic number, a vote will immediately be called.

This week will reveal the harsh reality of corruption in the Democratic leadership. All of the Democrat’s lip service on “change you can believe in” (Obama) and “cleaning up the swamp” (Pelosi) will be exposed as hollow and untrue. No matter the cost – financial or political – the left is prepared to do whatever it takes to score a win. But that’s the thing about cost, eventually you have to pay. And pay they will.

Sadly, so will we.

Andrea Tantaros is a conservative columnist and FoxNews.com contributor. Follow her on Twitter @andreatantaros.

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