Laura Ingraham: NeverTrumpers don't even understand their own Hail Mary plan

Typical thinking from the NeverTrumpers.

An article appearing on The Resurgent website on Sunday titled, “The Hail Mary of an Election Decided By the House,” daydreams of a scenario in which the House of Representatives, if given the chance, will pick someone whose name most voters don’t know for president.

According to the article, for this to happen, NeverTrump candidate Evan McMullin has to carry Utah (6 electoral votes), and then hope that Donald Trump wins 263 electoral votes in order to hold Hillary below the magic 270 number required to win the election.

If no candidate gets 270 electoral votes, the race is kicked to the House for members of Congress to choose the next president.

The writer lives in Georgia. According to the article, Trump has to carry Georgia for McMullin to have a chance.

So is the writer voting for Trump? Is the writer urging voters in states other than Utah to vote for Trump in order to hold Hillary below 270? No, of course not. That would mean actually pursuing a strategy. Instead, the NeverTrumper strategy seems to work like this:

1.     Insult Donald Trump and his followers

2.     ????????????

3.     Evan McMullin becomes president

Of course, this isn’t much different from their strategy during the nomination process:

1.     Insult Donald Trump and his followers

2.     ????????????

3.     Donald Trump loses the nomination

With this type of cracker-jack thinking, one can see why the GOP and the conservative movement are both doing so well.