Laura Ingraham: Activists are in our schools and they're numbing Generation E to socialism

What do carbon, ice and an egg all have in common? They're all connected to recent stories involving "Generation E" - the Entitlement Generation. 

We received a lot of emails last week after our coverage of the international student climate change rallies, and many of you were wondering how these kids were permitted to just blow off school, shut down entire city streets, and inconvenience other students who actually want to do this thing called study. 

Well, the answer: Because the activists could.


Was it easier hanging out with your friends and emoting about saving the planet and chanting really badly than studying, let's say, the Federalist papers or doing your physics lab? Well, come on, that's an easy answer, especially when schools excuse the absences, teachers themselves are encouraging the protests or the overwhelmingly left-wing and college admissions undoubtedly count activism as a legitimate extracurricular activity. 

And naturally, members of Generation E believe they should get into the best colleges, even if they do not have the best grades or the best course. And they develop, by the way, this warped view of their own self-importance because Mommy and Daddy raised them to believe that they were special, really special. Special in every extra special way.

Come on, these are parents who hung their kids soccer participation medals on the bulletin board in the kitchen. They helped them write their term papers, they help them do their science projects. How else would an 8-year-old kid know how to design his own homework app. And as a college admissions fraud story revealed, these are the types of parents who even commit crimes to guarantee their kids have doors open for them.


I think it's important to ask this: What's the end result here? Well, many of these young people -- and it's not just the wealthy kids -- grow up to be demanding entitled adults, and even ingrates. And at a time when American students are falling behind in science and math and reading, more and more kids at the same time here are indulged and even encouraged to become political activists before they've even earned their first paycheck.

According to one assessment out of 71 countries, the U.S. was 38th place in math and 24th science. But forget about mastering things like math or science or life skills, such as manners or self-reliance, or speaking and writing ability. And why bother with all that, when society celebrates you for being a punk with a political point of view. 

Case in point: At the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, grad students are now demanding that the school remove ICE and border patrol job listings from their career services platform. Why? Because the university should not "allow racist and abusive organization like this to recruit students."


My friends, it's not just on American shores. Take this example from Australia. A 17-year old cracked an egg on the head of a right-wing politician. The politician stupidly took a swipe or swing at the kid and the video of the incident went viral. Well, that's when the praise from celebs starts coming in. 

Actor Armie Hammer said in an interview, "I love that guy. I hope he inspires copycats. Everyone should be like Egg Boy. Everyone." 

Egg boy should get together with Pajama Boy. It'll be fun. All right, think about the Covington Catholic kid, Nick Sandmann. He just stood still and the elites like Armie Hammer and others accused that kid of being a racist and a provocateur. 

But in the Australia case, they take the kids side because the politician, he assaulted albeit with an egg, was himself far right. So if the target is someone not telling the social justice line, it's okay to assault him, even have copycats. 

And if it's gotten worse though than this because now, the activists are even feeding on their own. When Chelsea Clinton showed up at NYU to pay her respects after that horrific slaughter in New Zealand, a member of Generation E didn't thank her. She confronted her.

Well, the young woman's shirt said it all: "College for All." It never ends, right? Well, Generation E activists have their own set of demands -  free college, free health care, a guaranteed standard of living and a free pass if they're living in the country illegally.

Activists are in our schools and they're aggressively propagandizing, Hollywood, and even churches, do as well and what they're selling is a political world view that numbs the young to socialism. That's the endgame. 

And by the way, it's not just that. They also would require that you accept their views on everything from climate change to immigration to economic policy because they're entitled. And the old-timers like Nancy Pelosi are actually trying to co-op the energy of Generation E, -- the activist generation, the entitled generation -- by signing them up to vote early.

Republicans should take heed of these trends and movements and offer a better alternative for the next generation. These are smart kids. Republicans must offer a future where they don't have to wait on the government to give them what they can earn for themselves and where they'll feel better about it -- and they'll feel better about themselves.

Activists, though, are in our schools and they're aggressively propagandizing, Hollywood, and even churches, do as well and what they're selling is a political world view that numbs the young to socialism. That's the endgame. 

It's an exercise in wealth confiscation that will leave us less free, less prosperous and less tied to that age-old American value that hard work makes the man. Oh, well, though, if you feel offended that I just said "man," then you are an honorary member of Generation E. 

You're entitled to your opinion, but I'm not entitled or required to celebrate it.

Adapted from Laura Ingraham's monologue from "The Ingraham Angle" on March 18, 2019.