It's Trump -- or the end of the America we know and love

In 2016 I wrote a book called “Angry White Male." It had nothing to do with race. It was simply my personal testimony.

I can’t speak for anyone else.

I am a S.O.B. -- son of a butcher. I was raised as a white, middle class kid in the greatest country in world history.

I was taught by my wonderful, true red, white and blue, patriotic, salt-of-the-earth American parents that certain specific things made America great.

Here they are:

Faith in God, prayer, love of country, family, a belief in American exceptionalism, capitalism, Judeo-Christian values, Constitution, limited government, personal responsibility, economic freedom, the military and police.

Well, don’t look now. Everything from that list above…everything we believe in…everything that made America great…has been under full scale assault for eight long years -- from multiple directions.

And Hillary Clinton is here to finish the job. She already publicly stated she wants to be Obama’s third term.

So…we have only a few days left, before it’s all over. The truth is, we either send a strong message heard around the world and elect Trump, or the America we know and love...the America created by our Founding finished. Forever.

I’m not exaggerating. I’m not being hysterical. I’m just explaining the facts. Trump is our last chance to turn it all around. It’s Trump…or America continues a long decline towards the bottom.

Because if Trump doesn’t win, no other Republican will ever be elected president again. President Hillary Clinton will make sure of that.

Hillary will open the borders like never before, to let in millions of illegal aliens who have no love for anything that made America great.

Illegals immigrants no longer come here "for a love of America." They come for a love of welfare, food stamps, housing allowances, free medical, free education, free meals at school, free English as second language classes…and don’t forget $3,000 welfare payments disguised as "earned income tax credits," for people who paid no taxes.

Illegals come here for the cradle to grave welfare state that America has become. Eighty percent of them (or higher) will vote for Democrats forever to keep the checks coming. That’s Hillary’s plan.

Don’t believe me? See California. No Republican will ever again be elected to statewide office.

This was the exact formula that destroyed California. Open the borders, let in millions of foreigners, make them dependent on government welfare checks, train them to vote Democratic to keep the checks and handouts coming. It worked!

That was the experiment. Call it Plan A. Now Democrats are onto Plan B. The plan is to flood the country with illegals and foreigners who don’t share our values or love of America. The plan is to turn the rest of America into California.

Hillary will flood the country with millions more.

Hillary will legalize the 15 million or so already here -- and give them the right to vote.

Hillary will allow those 15 million to quickly and easily bring in millions of their relatives and friends.

Hillary will also import millions of Muslim refugees -- people who will need instant welfare and food stamps, very few of whom speak our language, very few of whom believe in American exceptionalism, our Constitution, or Judeo-Christian values.

This is the four-step plan. Then it’s over for America. In four years we’ll be California-cated. We will never win a popular vote for president again.

Donald Trump is our last chance to ever again elect a Republican president. It’s Donald Trump…or it’s the end of the GOP on the national level…and the end of America.

So don’t even think of staying home…or taking a vacation…or registering a “protest vote” on Gary Johnson…or Evan McMullen.

Don’t even think of staying home because you’re a Christian and Trump is not your cup of tea.

Think of the Supreme Court.

Think of open borders.

Think of millions of Muslim refugees imported by Hillary to turn America into Western Europe.

Think of your children’s future.

Think of the future of your unborn grandchildren.

Think of your job.

Think of your middle class life.

Think of ObamaCare expanded to single payer like bankrupt Europe.

Think of capitalism, American exceptionalism, Judeo-Christian values.

Think of this as the last time you can EVER elect a Republican.

Think of this as Trump…or the end of America.

Then vote like you’ve never voted before.

Vote for Trump like...

It’s Trump, or the end of America.

Because it is.