How to find your favorite steak cut

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As a fifth-generation, family-owner of Omaha Steaks, I literally grew up grilling. The company was started by my great great-grandfather nearly 100 years ago and we have been grilling great steaks ever since.

We are known across the country for selling premium steaks, so it’s no surprise that I am often asked, “What’s your favorite steak?”

Honestly, all of our steaks are really outstanding, but one of my absolute favorites is the 12 oz. Boneless Strip (also called a New York Strip.) Every steak has different qualities depending on the type of cut.

Here are the four main cuts of steak and qualities of each to help you determine your personal favorite:

1. Filet Mignon

(Omaha Steaks)

Filet Mignons come from the heart of the beef tenderloin, which is what gives this elegant cut its exceptionally mild beef taste and tender texture. Filet Mignon is an elegant, round steak that is perfect for the steak lover who savors a mild flavor and aroma. My Mom LOVES a six ounce Filet Mignon grilled medium rare!

2. Ribeye


Carved from the center of our Prime Rib Roast, Ribeyes are generously marbled steaks that combine the sublime texture of aged steak with the mellow flavor of prime rib. The marbling in this cut is what gives this steak its balanced, rich, juicy flavor and makes it the perfect steak for a hearty appetite. For my money, the ribeye is the best combination of flavor and tenderness and it tastes best when it’s on the thicker side.

3. Boneless strip


Often called the “ultimate cookout steak,” the Boneless Strip is cut from the short loin, making it a firm, well-marbled steak that is bursting with a juicy bold beef flavor and aroma. For me, the perfect Strip is 12-14 ounces.

4. Top Sirloin

(Omaha Steaks)

Top Sirloin steaks are naturally lean with a robust beefy flavor. A down to earth, everyday type steak, Top Sirloin is usually more firm in texture. This steak takes a marinade well and I like it charred on the outside, but medium-rare in the middle.

No matter which steak is your personal favorite, it’s also important to prepare it using the proper technique for ultimate enjoyment. Here are my top tips for grilling the perfect steak every time:

1. Clean and pre-heat your grill on high.

2. Blot dry any moisture using a clean paper towel, and then lightly oil and season the steak before you put it on the grill. This helps with the searing process and prevents sticking.

3. Sear the outside of the steaks when grilling. This really helps with the flavor and juiciness.

4. Use tongs or a spatula to turn your meat on the grill. NEVER use a fork as it can damage and dry out the meat.

5. Cover your grill as much as possible during the grilling process. This helps to lock in the grilled flavor and will help prevent flare-ups.

6. Keep a spray bottle with water handy to douse any unexpected flare-ups.

7. Use the 60/40 grilling method. Grill for 60% of the time on the first side and then grill the remaining 40% of the time after you turn over the food. This will give you an evenly cooked product. You can find the proper grilling times for perfectly prepared steaks on or by downloading Omaha Steaks free SteakTime app on your iOS or Android device.

8. Place your cooked product on a clean plate and allow your foods to “rest” for 5 minutes between cooking and eating. This will help them retain moisture when you cut into them.

Personally, I really enjoy a Boneless Strip served medium-rare with French fries on the side.

Other great sides that you can grill along with your steak include asparagus, green onions, fennel, red bell peppers and Portobello mushrooms. Grilled vegetables taste great with steak and the bright colors are a nice accent to a perfectly grilled steak.

Omaha Steaks also offers a wide selection of side dishes and desserts to make serving the perfect steak dinner both easy and convenient.

No matter what your personal steak preference, there’s nothing better than the great taste of a juicy, delicious steak hot off the grill.