Having Fun Mocking Anthony Weiner? Remember, We're All Sinners

Politics is not a pretty profession. Never has been. In olden days (when as Cole Porter lampooned, "a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking") some politicians would challenge each other to duels. Fistfights occasionally broke out on the floor of the House or Senate.

Today's politics is more "search and destroy" your opponent. No good is seen in those with an "R" or "D" after their names if you have a different letter behind yours. Any weakness-- be it moral or political -- is exploited for the benefit of another member or party. Forgiveness is for fools, redemption is God's business. Victory and power are all that matter.

In the case of the much-mocked Rep. Anthony Weiner, does anyone stop to ask what would be best for him as a man and for his wife? We are too busy obsessing about his immediate political future, not his value as a human being, regardless of politics.

The man needs help. It appears he has an addiction, not just to sex, but to ego. Egos a common malady which infects more than a few members of Congress. Former Senator Alan Simpson (R-Wyo.) famously observed, "He who travels the high road of humility in Washington will not be troubled by heavy traffic."

I am a conservative, but I choose not to pile-on with some of my political brethren. In my syndicated column this week I said those who are busy condemning Weiner should realize they (we) are sinners, too. You remember sin, don't you? It was our diagnosis before we all became "dysfunctional" and turned to Oprah instead of to God.

I hope Congressman Weiner gets help and support from people who seek his redemption and not his annihilation.

I hope his wife sticks with him and supports him should he choose this road. That would be a "family value" all of us could support.

"Does no one condemn you?" asked Jesus of Nazareth to the woman "taken in adultery"?

"No one, Lord," she replied.

After writing something in the dust and watching those about to cast stones walk away, He said," Neither do I condemn you," He said. "Go and sin no more."

The legal and political issues surrounding Rep. Weiner's behavior will be sorted out by the House Ethics Committee and leaders of his party. The moral and spiritual redemption of Anthony Weiner is the work of a Higher Authority and those who claim to serve Him.

Cal Thomas is America's most widely syndicated newspaper columnist and a Fox News contributor.