Halloween 2014: Yes, Virginia, ghosts are real

It’s Halloween, and we think that we want nothing more than to have the wits scared out of us. But are you sure you really want to encounter the real thing in a bad mood?

I am one of the leading psychic detectives working in the United States today. I’ve worked on over 870 hundreds of missing persons and murder cases, 90% of the time helping law enforcement find new information. As a result, TV stations sometimes like to take me out to visit haunted places and scare their viewers. Sometimes those jaunts turn out to be scarier than any of us want them to be.


We drove up to a home that appeared to be from the Victorian era. It looked the part of a haunted house, even though in the dark it had an eerie beauty about it. As the crew set up lights in an empty room on the second floor, I scoped out the house.

Almost immediately, I sensed a presence shadowing me. I turned to see who was there and was met with the icy stare of a madwoman. Her hair looked like Medusa’s and her eyes were vacant and glaring.I sent her some healing and headed back toward the TV crew.


As I walked into the room where they were setting up, there was a static-like sound and all of their carefully placed lights went out at once. A mad dash around the room ensued as they tried to figure out what happened.

I watched the woman slowly circle the room and one by one, the crew reflexively turned to see who was behind them. Although they sensed her, none of them could see her.

One of the cameramen got his camera working and focused on me. I’d filmed with them before, and he knew that when equipment failures start I am nervous about something. He followed me around as I moved across from the ghost to see if I could find out what the source of her anguish was.

Suddenly, she turned her vacant stare toward me, we locked eyes, and she shot across the room, hands reaching for my throat. I ducked, and the poor cameraman behind me got decked.
As she passed me, I sensed the source of her madness. All four of her young children had died in a diphtheria epidemic, within hours of each other.

As I sensed her pain I sent healing prayers to her. She turned and looked at me with tears streaming down her face. Somehow, the prayers freed her from her sorrow and she simply disappeared. The rest of the shoot was quiet.

We packed up and went to the second site, which was a different matter altogether. The minute I saw this nondescript house I wanted to leave. I felt such a deep-seated sense of danger that I knew I would need to be quite careful to get out of here without injury.

The sense of menace filled the air and it did not come with the aura of a tormented human, but the sense of a ferocious animal. From time to time, I’d seen animal ghosts, so that in and of itself didn’t surprise me – what surprised me was the menacing energy. I am fey with animals, and rarely have issues with them.

Cameras on, we toured the house. We had to make frequent trips back to the van, and ultimately another truck had to be called to bring out more batteries. Under psychic stress, batteries around me quickly discharge. This night was no exception.

While the crew went outside to film exterior shots, I waited off to the side of the porch, watching them set up the lights. Suddenly I heard a growl like nothing I’d ever heard before: deep, guttural, terrifying noises from the left side of the front porch, and a spot at the top of the porch stairs on the left.

I noticed that the crew walked around these spots, and wondered if they could sensed the incredibly imposing beast that stood there defending its’ territory. It looked sort of like a giant lizard, except it had a huge mouth with rows of teeth similar to those of a shark, and its body was covered in thick, leathery, slimy skin.

When I ranged it I saw it in a jungle-like environment, brutally attacking anything that threatened its young. As images ran through my mind, I realized that there was a second creature hiding in the shadows to the left of the house.

The second one was significantly larger, and observing the way it hid itself from us, I was sure it was just waiting for the right time to pounce. The crew tried to get me to come up the steps and stand right where the beast on the porch was. I refused.

I stood safely on the ground, literally between the two beasts, surrounded on all sides by the scariest growls I’ve ever heard in my life.

No one threw me off the porch and I was not injured, thankfully – just thoroughly not interested in ever returning to the territory of those beasts.

Once we packed up, the crew confessed that on previous shoots two crew members were sent sailing off that porch. They’d wanted to see what would happen if I stood there.

Later, they called me to tell me they had captured the growls on the tapes, which were so loud and so scary that they ultimately only aired partial clips because it was too terrifying for TV.

When I heard the tape they aired, the noises were still quite scary… but I knew how horrendous they’d actually sounded.

So when you go out for Halloween this year, be careful – ghosts are real and some of them are nasty!