Gretchen's Take: Why can't we fix government waste?

I'm not sure if Rand Paul is right about going the distance to shut down the government. But I do know he's right about all the government waste and I'd like to know -- as I'm sure many other Americans would also like to know ... why the heck can we not fix this problem?

From medicare and medicaid fraud in the billions to countless tax payer sponsored programs that are serious head scratchers ... who is going to finally get it all under control?

Rand Paul said that "we spent $300,000 last year studying if Japanese quail are more sexually promiscuous on cocaine. We spent several hundred thousand dollars on studying if we could relieve stress in vietnamese villagers by having them watch american television re-runs."

And it doesn't stop there. Senator Paul also points out we spent $800,000 dollars the last couple years developing a televised cricket league for Afghanistan. But the only way we can pay for it is to borrow money from China .

Here's the real story: we will all benefit from finally figuring out how to stop government fraud and waste. Actually electing someone who will once and for all do it is a totally different story.