Gretchen's Take: Trump, Bush, Fiorina are winners on Twitter

Social media will be more important in the 2016 Presidential race than ever before. So it's interesting to note what resonated with television viewers last night and on Twitter:

First, among the GOP candidates - who were the most mentioned?
Here are the top three candidates who got the most share of total debate conversation via tweets:

No surprise - @realDonaldTrump 22.74%, is first by a long shot ...
then @JebBush 8.62%,
and @CarlyFiorina at 8.02%.

Candidates who gained the most followers on Twitter during the debate?


..and the top debate moments?

@CarlyFiorina responding to @realDonaldTrump's comments about her face!
@CarlyFiorina discussing Planned Parenthood and "kicking feet".

But the most retweeted candidate tweet of the whole night?

@JebBush tweeting "Sorry Mom" after revealing he smoked pot 40 years ago.