Gretchen's Take: Thank you, Pope Francis

With a hat tip to my colleague Chris Stirewalt who also flagged the same story that peaked my interest. It's about Pope Francis, once again doing something unexpected.

As you've heard me say before and may have learned from my book "Getting Real," my grandfather was a Lutheran minister who grew our church in Anoka, Minnesota from 800 members to 8,500 at retirement. As you also know from history, Martin Luther was not a popular figure with Catholics back in the 16th century -- the key figure in the protestant reformation -- who was  excommunicated in 1521 -- never allowed to return to the Catholic Church.

But next month right near the Vatican that I had the pleasure of visiting just a few weeks ago, Pope Francis will name a hill-top square Piazza Martin Lutero in memory of  Martin Luther and his achievements. Yes, his achievements.

Once a heretic in Catholic history books, Pope Francis is instead choosing to honor a man no one ever thought would get such praise from the very top Catholic. So I just want to say today, Thank you Pope Francis.