Gretchen's Take: Shorter calendar strategy is helping Trump

There's no doubt Donald Trump came out the big winner on the GOP side last night for Super Tuesday -- and all of that is certainly not sitting well with the Republican establishment. However, it reminds me of the phrase, “be careful what you wish for”. hoping to avoid a repeat of the messy fight for the republican nomination in 2012, the party drew up a calendar intended to allow a front-runner to wrap things up quickly.

The GOP primary season started a month later this year, Iowa was February 1st instead of January 3rd in 2012.

The process will also end a month earlier with the 2016 GOP convention set for July 18th, instead of the last week in August.

In 2014 the Republican National Committee, also known as, the RNC, decided to compress the primary calendar too moving up the winner-take-all states to March 15th.

Certainly the shorter calendar strategy was set up to favor the establishment candidate. Never did anyone envision the candidate most helped in amassing a lot of delegates quickly would be named Donald Trump.