Gretchen's Take: It's the economy stupid!

It’s the economy, stupid! How many times have we heard that? It never gets old because it’s so true, especially when talking about presidential elections. through all the ups and downs -- one thing that's stayed pretty constant is the way in which the economy and jobs factor into who people ultimately decide to vote for. So let’s look at more facts.

The economy added a paltry 38,000 new jobs in May, and according to economist Peter Morici, home ownership is at a 48 year low. Millions of college graduates are in low paying jobs, and family incomes are down about sixteen-hundred dollars on President Obama's watch.

So how does that affect Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? A lot. Every poll I’ve seen between the two about the best candidate to handle the economy, or create jobs, has handily gone to Trump.

In a new Gallup poll, Trump leads Clinton 53-43 percent on who best to handle economy.

In addition, this week's Quinnipiac poll on who'd be better at creating jobs, again Trump over Clinton 52-41 percent.

When people walk into the voting booth, time and time again they vote with their pocketbooks. Will it be the same this year?