Gretchen's Take: How can Obama have no ISIS strategy?

How can a president of the United States continue to say he has no strategy for taking on ISIS? ISIS took mosul in Iraq and now they're marching to Bagdhad. Today, he said he has not ruled out additional steps against the Islamic State, that he's open to considering refinements to the strategy..

What strategy?

January 2014: the president said:" if a jayvee team puts on Lakers uniforms that doesn't make them Kobe Bryant,"

August 2014: the president said "i'm confident that as Commander-in-Chief I have the authorities to engage in the acts that we are conducting currently. As our strategy develops, we will continue to consult with Congress."

..and Monday: "We don't yet have a complete strategy because it requires commitments on the part of the Iraqis, as well."

So what's the real story here? whether it's blaming the Pentagon or the Iraqi people... the leader of the free world needs to tell the American people what his strategy really is and soon. Why bother saying you intend to degrade and destroy ISIS if you're not really ever going to do it.