GREG GUTFELD: When the truth 'bubbles up,' the media buries it

Gutfeld says Twitter has 'pulled the rug' out from under journalists

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Happy Monday, everybody. So last Friday, with the help of journalist Matt Taibbi, Elon Musk revealed how facts were suppressed on Twitter in order to sway an election. It was fun to witness watching the left, losing its **** like a porta potty in a Category 5. 

It was everywhere and everything you assumed might be true about something. Well, it turned out to be true all along. And unless you're watching me work out, that almost never happens. But we found out that Twitter was indeed manipulated by liberals to amplify and suppress information in order to control public opinion and ultimately an election. It wasn't a smoking gun. It was a flaming howitzer. So where are those who say this is worse than Watergate? You know, like this jackass.


CARL BERNSTEIN: This is far worse than Watergate. Why this is worse than Watergate. It is worse than Watergate. This, in some ways, is worse than Watergate. I keep getting asked, "Are there echoes of Watergate in this?" And there are.

Shut up. Finally, you have the real election tampering and this dope is like our President's teeth after 8 p.m - nowhere to be found. And now Musk is pulling the curtain back and the truth is as plain as the powder covered nose on Hunter's face. And yes, we're covering it like we always covered it before. But everywhere else, the story disappeared like a half gallon tub of potato salad in Ana Navarro's fridge. I've moved on from Brian. I love potato salad. I don't begrudge her.


Just like this story did when it first appeared. Remember, it disappeared too. It seems that the more the truth bubbles up, the more the media buries it. But with Elon's Twitter, you see everything, even the most honest back-and-forth between an ex-wife and husband ever. Here is one of Musk's angry ex-wives tweeting at him like, well, an angry ex-wife. Quote, "So let me get this straight. We're now supposed to step into the marketplace of ideas to debate and discuss if Hitler behaved poorly or if women should be raped and locked in cages. Because these are conversations the culture needs to be having." And she goes on and on from there.

So what's Musk, the ex-husband's response? It's amazing how a single emoji can convey everything. If you translated that face, it would say, "Now do you see why I nearly sawed off my hand to remove my wedding ring?" This is why emojis rule. Imagine how much faster any legal proceeding would be if both sides just submitted a single emoji. The whole Amber Heard versus Johnny Depp trial could have been reduced to this. It's a long way for a poop joke, but I'll go there.

Now, on Twitter, the only suppression comes from those a-holes who were always suppressing the news from the beginning. They hog the mic and turn Twitter into their personal karaoke party. And now they've been exposed in trashing the whistle-blowers for blowing the whistle on them. You have the media going after Taibbi for acting as the conduit that exposes their bias. Seriously, how dare he act like a journalist?

And like mindless little worker bees, their buzzing used all the same words. Here's a quick example. A Dem pollster tweets that Taibbi is, quote, "Doing PR for the richest person in the world", which sounds just like a tweet from NBC's Ben Collins, who said Taibbi is "throwing it all away to do PR work for the richest person in the world." Now look at all of these and almost entirely identical tweets from blue checkers in the media. You always knew this to be true. It's like they all called each other and asked, 'What are you wearing to the party tonight?"

Or in this case, I should say funeral, because Musk is killing the old media with absolute daylight. You can see it. So now our journalists are no more than bots that vomit spam designed to overwhelm people into thinking there's more of them than there are of you. It's similar to moviemakers using CGI to shoot a scene that involves a crowd shot of 500,000 people. It's easier and cheaper than hiring 500,000 real humans. Except that here, these aren't bots. These are reporters, in theory, humans.


But in reality, they're as programed and predictable as a Roomba with a busted wheel. Except they spread dirt instead of cleaning it up. And their only defense is built on one sentence cut and pasted from who knows where, who gave it to them? But at least they admit that the story happened. I mean, good luck finding this story in The New York Times or on CNN. You'd have better chance of finding a picture of me in a heart-shaped frame on Chris Wallace's nightstand. I thought we ended amicably, but he doesn't. So. Much for the middle ground CNN.

So what's this all mean? Well, something's happening. When the hivemind of the media reacts like this, it's because someone kicked their nest and they're buzzing mad. They lost control of the spigot of information. And that means they can no longer suppress truth while amplifying hoaxes like they used to do. Before, they would bury real things from crime to COVID origins while amplifying false, divisive crap pitting Blacks against whites, gays against straights, rich against poor. But their powerful friends breaking the law, those stories vanish like a tray of cannolis in James Corden's dressing room.

And now Twitter has pulled the crap-stained rug out from under them. And what do they do? They turn on the one journalist who is doing their job for them. It's kind of amazing. Reporters turning on reporters for reporting. Ben Collins of NBC called Matt Taibbi a hack for doing the work Ben Collins won't do. Like Matt's a scab during a strike. But that's the thing. They're not on strike. They're still getting paid to report the news and not just the news they are told to by the White House or just the news that they agree with. It's all the news, you idiots, and that scares them. And with Musk in charge, they should be.