GOP leadership punts on defunding Planned Parenthood

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says he will not fight to defund Planned Parenthood, for the moment. He says conservatives need to be patient. He says the time isn’t right. He says that we need to wait. Again.

There's no pretty way of putting this. What he’s really saying is that he’s just not going to stop the taxpayer-funded slaughter of the unborn.

No event in recent memory has shocked the country like the undercover Planned Parenthood videos. Americans from across the political spectrum have seen the horrific and sadistic acts this organization commits routinely, without any remorse or the slightest hint of conscience or humanity. In fact, sometimes Planned Parenthood finds it funny.

Planned Parenthood isn’t providing a “service.” They’re killing babies.

Oftentimes political issues aren’t completely black or white. This one is. There is no middle ground. It’s time for Republicans to choose sides. It is no time for silence.

What, exactly, have these videos taught us?

We now know that Planned Parenthood profits from butchering children still in the womb. We now know they haggle over the price of babies’ body parts.

We now know they collect and sell infants’ remains without the mothers knowing. We now know that they modify their abortion practices specifically to get the best “specimens.”  We now know these abortionists even recognize the humanity of the children they massacre—“Another boy!” exclaimed one Planned Parenthood worker upon extracting so-called “tissue” of a male infant from his mother.

More Americans than ever now know without a shadow of a doubt that Planned Parenthood’s business is the brutal and methodical destruction of unborn children.  We also know that McConnell doesn’t plan to do a thing about it.

John Boehner didn't show the willingness to take the appropriate action, either. Neither man seems moved enough by these videos to put an end to taxpayer funding of procedures and practices that would be considered manslaughter—at a bare minimum—in any other context.

All they offer is meaningless "show" votes to take back to their constituents as some sort of evidence of their sincerity. The only legislation that matters is "must pass" legislation that if vetoed by President Obama, will cause a government showdown.

It's such a winner for them too! All Republicans need do is tell America they are willing to fund the entirety of the federal government, including so many things they don't like -- but not this horror.  It's not just inappropriate, it's immoral.

They will not allocate one penny of taxpayer funds to enable this butchery -- period.  Let Obama tell the American people that unless their taxes go to pay for this slaughter, he'll close down the government.

America will then understand the true nature of this radical regime that has so completely endorsed the culture of death.  But McConnell and Boehner have both refused to do this.

Republican leaders who allow the funding of Planned Parenthood have a real problem with the truth. Saying they’re “pro-life” is like Jeb Bush saying he’s an “outsider” or Hillary Clinton insisting she’s transparent—embarrassing political posturing completely refuted by actual behavior and actions.

No more chicanery. The stakes are too high. The time for excuses is over. Conservatives’ patience has worn thin.

Conservatives support the Republican Party to the extent that it defends conservative principles. We are not in the business of defending the party at the expense of those principles. Chief among them—the right to life.

If the Planned Parenthood videos don’t give Republicans the perfect opportunity to fight for the pro-life cause, then when should we expect them to ever fight? These nightmarish images have reverberated far beyond the pro-life movement, yet McConnell and the leadership in the House still appear to care more about their (erroneous) political calculations than the defense of unborn children.

It’s disgusting. Boehner signaled he would refuse to fight for the unborn and enough of his members had enough. He resigned one step ahead of a recall. He no longer deserved to be Speaker.

It's harder to claim McConnell should be recalled as Senate Majority Leader. Based on what has transpired since Election Day, it appears Harry Reid never vacated that position. If this issue can't motivate McConnell to behave like a leader, what will?

Has McConnell not watched the video showing Planned Parenthood staff laughing at an aborted baby’s beating heart? Has he not watched the video with the abortionist nonchalantly describing slicing through a baby's face to reach and extract the brain?

It's harsh, but I'll ask it: Does Sen. McConnell have a conscience?

There’s no other way to say it. If Congress votes to send taxpayer money -- your money, my money -- to fund this slaughter, then Congress is complicit in this slaughter.

Oftentimes political issues aren’t completely black or white. This one is. There is no middle ground.

It’s time for Republicans to choose sides. It is no time for silence.

We must stop handing over taxpayer dollars to help fund these atrocities. We must also stop supporting Republicans who continue funding of these atrocities.