GOP can do well in midterms - if voters hear about these things

The Republican Party faces an uphill climb in the Nov. 6 elections. The party in the White House historically loses seats in midterm voting – and with majorities in both houses of Congress to protect, the GOP needs to work overtime.

So far, we have seen Republican candidates overcome the historical midterm narrative. Despite the liberal establishment’s best efforts, Republicans have won seven out of the last nine special elections since President Trump took office. One race in Ohio for a U.S. House seat is still undecided until all provisional ballots are reviewed and absentee ballots are counted – but Republican state Sen. Troy Balderson holds a narrow lead.

Ahead of the midterms, it’s hard not to be turned off by the constant barrage of negative news and the feeling that Washington just isn’t working. But what’s often lost in the deluge of news coverage are the hundreds of reforms and effective solutions that are being championed and passed by this Republican Congress. In the past 20 months, the House of Representatives has passed more than 700 bills.

These solutions, reforms and pro-American policies are responsible for our booming economy and low unemployment numbers. There are currently more job openings than there are job seekers in the United States.

Families from California to Maine have felt the positive effects of our robust economic growth and increased opportunity for all. Republicans should be doubling down on our policies that have delivered lower taxes, a growing economy and near record-low unemployment.

But what many Americans haven’t heard about are the other solutions championed by the Republican Congress that make real, tangible improvements to our lives. These are solutions that improve our security and make sure our laws are keeping up with the challenges that we face.

Policies supported by Republicans in Congress put patients first. They improve access to health care and treatment for those who are facing illness, struggling with addiction or caring for aging or disabled loved ones.

These are all priorities championed and supported by members of the Republican Main Street Partnership. But chances are you haven’t heard much about them yet.

President Trump signed  legislation into law in January that supports the more than 40 million family members making countless personal and financial sacrifices to care for their aging or disabled loved ones. The law provides the recognition, resources and training these people need to balance the full-time job of caregiving with everything else that life brings.

House Republicans passed the Stop School Violence Act in March. And they included resources in this year’s government funding bill to help identify threats and prevent violence from taking place on school grounds. By giving funding and resources to local schools, America’s superintendents, teachers and parents can determine what methods can be implemented to keep their kids safe.

The Right to Try Act, signed into law by President Trump in May, allows terminally ill patients to access experimental treatments that could potentially prolong – or save – their lives.

And  more than 50 bills addressing the growing opioid epidemic passed in June. This legislation is designed to reduce the over-prescription of opioid painkillers, create better prescription guidelines for medical professionals, protect seniors from opioid dependence and overuse, and improve access to non-addictive pain medication and treatment.

We recently shared these policies and legislative accomplishments with Republican moms and swing voters in Colorado, Florida, Minnesota and Pennsylvania. These groups of voters are critical voting blocs for the GOP ahead of the November elections.

Unsurprisingly, when asked how familiar the groups were with the statements that were shared, on a scale from 1-10 the average response was a 4. But when asked how likely they would be to vote for or re-elect a member of Congress who championed those policies and made the statements that were shared, the average response was an 8.

From these conversations it became clear that recent Republican accomplishments are loved but remain largely unknown. Facing a 24/7 news cycle, these messages become muddled and aren’t breaking through to those who are open to listening.

From now until November, Republican Main Street Partnership members will be highlighting these accomplishments and policies that Republicans have championed to improve the lives of families, workers and patients nationwide.

Voters are listening, and they’re expecting results from their representatives. Republicans have delivered – and now keeping our majorities in the House and Senate depends on showcasing this success to the American people.