Gary Lyngar: My son is 'dead wrong' about me and Fox News

After his son published a scathing article on titled, "I lost my dad to Fox News," Nevada dad Gary Lyngar is telling his side of the story.

Lyngar spoke to The Five's Andrea Tantaros about the article, his family and Fox News.

"Gary, are you really a hysterical, angry, let's see, wrinkled, old white guy like your son alleges?" Tantaros asked.

Lyngar replied, "Well, I'm old and I'm white, but I'm not overly angry, no."

As for “brainwashing” by the Fox News Channel, Lyngar said he watches because he enjoys it.

"Fox News was created because there's an audience out there that wants it," Lyngar said. "They're not brainwashing us. They're not filling an empty computer."

Lyngar, a conservative and Libertarian, dismissed his son’s theory that he is “addicted” to Fox News.

"Right off the bat I thought he was dead wrong about the whole situation," Lyngar said. "I do a lot of other things besides sit around and watch Fox News."

Watch the full interview with Gary Lyngar in the video above.