Games of Thrones - Washington edition

Good news, Game of Thrones fans!  The most popular TV show in the world begins its seventh season this weekend.

The program, based on a series of novels by George R. R. Martin, has always had certain parallels with actual history.

But it also connects with today’s political world.  For instance, we’ve got the White House, they’ve got the Red Keep. They’ve got dragons, we’ve got drones.  They’ve got ravens, we’ve got tweets.

To clarify the connections, here’s a list of Game of Thrones characters and who they match today.

Cersei Lannister—someone who laid waste to the system in a shocking rise to power: Donald Trump

Daenerys Targaryen--a blonde who believes the top position is her birthright and will stop at nothing to be in charge: Hillary Clinton

Grand Maester Pycelle--an old busybody who drones on and on, but who lost going up against a strong-willed woman: Bernie Sanders

Hodor--a loyal aide, but can have trouble expressing himself: Sean Spicer

The Iron Bank of Braavos--a financial powerhouse with major connections that always wins in the end: Goldman Sachs

Jaime Lannister--a second-in-command who may now be wondering what he’s gotten himself into: Mike Pence

Jon Snow--a leader who was vanquished, but came back not to battle for the top slot but to warn of a threat he believes is bigger than that: Al Gore

Jorah Mormont--advisor to a queen, he’s been banished and become untouchable: Bill Clinton

King Joffrey—someone who enjoys displaying the heads of enemies: Kathy Griffin

Lady Brienne--the most powerful woman around, and some don’t think that needs to be qualified by gender: Serena Williams

Littlefinger--a man who spreads rumors hoping to cause chaos: Trump dossier author Christopher Steele

Lord Varys--wears a robe, wields tremendous power, but no one is quite sure what side he’s on: Justice Kennedy

Mance Rayder--a ruler who hates the wall that separates his people from the bounty on the other side: Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto

Melisandre--a woman of mysterious origin who believes in taking no prisoners: Elizabeth Warren

The Mountain--a giant of a man who was brought down in hand-to-hand combat, but came back to be even more dangerous: James Comey

Ned Stark—an old soldier who looked like he might be in charge, but his sense of honor was his undoing: John McCain

The Night King--leader with a cold, spooky stare who may yet bring down everything: Vladimir Putin

Qyburn—seen by many as a questionable character, he seems to be the secret power behind the throne: Steve Bannon

Robb Stark—son of a leader, he made a big mistake when he met with the wrong people: Donald Trump Jr.

Sansa Stark--an attractive daughter raised in luxury, she seemed a political pawn but is now showing her own resources: Ivanka Trump

Septa Unella--a high-ranking woman who follows around powerful people with different beliefs saying “shame, shame”: Nancy Pelosi

Stannis Baratheon--brother of a former leader who simply assumed the top position belonged to him, but was sadly mistaken: Jeb Bush

The Unsullied--a very powerful force, but they have trouble passing things: Congressional Republicans

Of course, not everyone thinks Game of Thrones properly describes Washington.  Many believe a better comparison would be The Walking Dead.