Female soldiers who discuss makeup, sports bras, are normal, not freaks

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Some women serving at Fort Stewart in Georgia, home of the 3rd Infantry Division, are angry that a fairly popular mentoring program for female soldiers there includes topics like makeup, sports bras and collecting coupons.

The mentoring program is nicknamed “Divas in Boots,” and similar programs are taking place at other army bases, including Fort Jackson in South Carolina and Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

Even though the majority of women who participate in these get-togethers reportedly enjoy them, the disgruntled female soldiers don’t want them to include frivolous topics, like fashion. And their complaints show the ugliness of those who try to achieve gender equality by neutering everyone.


The desire to remove all feminine instincts from women is the militant, violent side of the women’s rights movement, the side of it that suggests women who suffer depression because of undergoing abortions should shut up, the side that suggests that women who choose to stay at home and raise children are morons or throwbacks, the side that suggests that young women should wrestle boys in high school sports and that the wise young men who balk at the matches should be made to forfeit them.

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Groups of women who gather at Fort Stewart for peer support and who end up discussing perfume aren’t freaks; they're normal.

They’re just as normal as men who get together and end up discussing cigars or Ferraris or Alessandra Ambrosio.  And if misguided feminists start insisting that female soldiers remain silent on all topics uniquely female, then you can bet they’re going to want men to remain silent on all topics considered uniquely male, too.

So much for free speech.

What’s more, I believe (and many highly credentialed psychiatrists would disagree with me, as well as many sociologists) that there is a link between the desire to homogenize gender on the part of this subset of neutering feminists and the surge in the number of people floating free of their gender identity entirely and insisting they are the opposite gender.

When millions of American women express disdain for any form of masculinity or feminity in people born masculine or feminine, their vehement protests have to hit some folks—including some children—harder than others.

Denying reality, including the fact that women are not men, and men are not women, and that each group (taken as a group) does, indeed, differ from the other in terms of interests and inclinations, is no different than denying the fact that the elderly generally are less physically strong than the young or that very tall people are more likely than very short people to end up trying out for varsity basketball teams.

Pay a woman less than a man for the same job, and you are reprehensible.

Suggest to a woman that she cannot hold a job while remaining feminine, and you are also reprehensible.

Argue that a man should be made to wrestle a woman because there is nothing potentially psychologically destructive about that, and you are reprehensible.

It’s time to stand up to The Neutering Movement.