Dropbox, Condoleezza Rice controversy: More proof liberals are the new intolerants

Silicon Valley liberals spent millions of dollars funding President Obama’s re-election and have been some of the left’s most ardent supporters of progressive causes. And they are just getting started. After helping give America ObamaCare, medical marijuana and a feeble foreign policy, the young tech geniuses are now trying to purge conservatives and those who support conservative causes from corporate board rooms.

On the heels of calling for Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich to resign for the liberal sin of disagreeing with their view of gay marriage comes a campaign to pressure Dropbox to drop former Secretary of State Condi Rice from their board. Rice’s sin, in Silicon Valley’s eyes, is serving as America’s Secretary of State and National Security Advisor to a Republican president.

For decades, the liberal media eviscerated the religious right and other conservatives for their own attacks against liberal social causes. Over time, the media labeled anyone who didn’t agree with the left’s world view as intolerant. Progressive journalists were quick to support the Democrats’ meme of their opponents as mean-spirited, bigoted, homophobic or racist.

But the pendulum has now swung the other way. Diversity is no longer about differing views. The new bullies are the left. Yesterday’s champions of diversity have become today’s intolerants. Black, gay and Hispanic conservatives are labeled self-haters and considered sell-outs to their communities. The left sees no place for differing opinions. In fact, if you have a minority opinion from the majority liberal view then you will be run out of the room.

Silicon Valley’s liberal media allies jumped on board with the Rice boycott almost immediately. Wired Magazine’s Marcus Wohlsen, a Berkeley, Calif. resident, wrote this as his lead for the Dropbox announcement: “Condoleezza Rice — Stanford professor, Iraq War architect, alleged warrantless wiretap supporter — is joining the board at the rising tech startup.” Wohlsen failed to mention that Dr. Rice was the former National Security Advisor and Secretary of State.

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Wohlsen’s piece goes on to argue that Rice should be dropped from the board because Americans won’t trust her and therefore the company.

Wohlsen’s assumption that all Americans are Democrats leaves out the possibility that Republicans may not trust corporate America’s liberal board members.

Then there’s liberal Silicon Valley reporter Brian Feldman who laughably argues that Condi’s appointment to Dropbox is in the same category as Twitter not having a female board member and Mozilla hiring an anti-gay homophobe as its CEO.

We all know that President Obama’s liberal NSC advisor Susan Rice would be perfectly welcome on a corporate board by the progressive scions of Silicon Valley. But that other black woman who made her own way to the top of the State Department and NSC isn’t acceptable to the mob.

Is any more proof needed that liberals are the new intolerants?