Defeat Trump at all costs. We're watching the second American Revolution

The American Revolution – American Revolution I – was fought to secure independence from British colonialists.

American Revolution II is being fought today to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump and return to a corporate structure the Left finds desirable. So profound is the difference between the Left and the rest that there isn’t any issue that merits separation.

The call for revolution is heard in the political precincts of the Democratic Party where the prevailing sentiment is “Resistance.” No matter the issue – even when Trumpians try to appease Dems with their modified version of ObamaCare – the response is rejection.

One might assume that on matters such as national security, the revolutionary guard might be willing to compromise at least temporarily, but you would be wrong. The fight is relentless.

Most Americans who do not read the New York Times are unaware of the deep schism in the political arena. Trump is regarded as anathema. For the Revolutionaries, the 2016 election was illegitimate despite Trump’s Electoral College victory. The Left cannot be disabused of this notion.

In fact, like most Revolutionaries, they have challenged all of the existing institutions and assumptions about the past. The radical agenda that worries about where grown men should urinate has taken its battle to every corner of the culture. Trump made a point of challenging political correctness which the Left translates as racist, but for average Americans, Trump’s position resonates as common sense.

Even gestures designed to forestall attacks within the United States – like the immigration ban from eight war-torn nations where documentation of new arrivals doesn’t exist – were interpreted as a blanket ban against Muslims, and yet another illustration of the President’s bigotry.

In the febrile mindset of the Revolutionaries, Trump is a danger – presumably a danger to the Republic itself – though they are the ones promoting violence on American campuses when voices are invited that challenge left-wing suppositions about the nation. The Revolutionary even works to undermine the First Amendment, once the bulwark of radical sentiment. Now the view is submit or be chastened by revolutionary hostility.

Despite the claim by Pollyannaish analysts, this movement will not pass any time soon. Trump is and will remain the target until he is out of office. For the Revolutionary, all acts are permitted since Trump brought fascism to Amerika. Of course, most of the self-described Robespierres could not possibly define the evil that drips so naturally from their lips. Trump is the embodiment of the evil and every act, however benign, is further evidence of fascistic leanings.

On a moment’s notice the Revolutionaries can be roused to action. Intersectionality or the left-wing alliance network has fostered ties among unlikely bedfellows. For example, Black Lives Matter has joined with the Muslim Brotherhood to condemn Israeli occupation of the West Bank.

As is the case in past revolutions, radicals often devour their own. We are not in that stage yet. But the cultural signals are synchronized from Stephen Colbert to Whoopi Goldberg for a very unpleasant unfolding of this revolutionary cycle with many getting hurt and the Republic weakened.

In the case of American Revolution I the umbilical cord was cut, but America grew strong; in the case of American Revolution II the nation’s institutions are being tested and it is hard to see a positive outcome over the horizon.