Dana Perino: My Thanksgiving do's and don'ts for talking politics around the table

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Editor's note: Fox News' Dana Perino, co-host of "The Five" and a weekly guest on Fox Business Channel's "Kennedy" shares her do's and don'ts with Fox News Opinion this week on how to gracefully navigate conversations about politics at the Thanksgiving table. Our Thanksgiving tip? Print this out and tuck it into your pocket as you prepare to enjoy Thursday's feast.


? Do go in prepared. Have more facts than your crazy Uncle Mac.

? Do practice conversation stranger danger (if you’re sitting next to someone you don’t know, start with easy topics like the weather and football -- don’t launch into your thoughts about 2016)

? Do seek common ground -- find a way to say, “we agree, that’s a great point, I see your point of view.” It takes the sting out of when you drop the atomic elbow with your best point

? Do prepare yourself. Avoid confrontation if you don’t want one. Start drinking early.

? Do plant conspiracy theories in your political opponents heads so that they’ll sound crazy at the diner the next day.


? Don’t get emotionally attached. It’s not worth a big family argument

? Don’t take the bait. When they say Obama is great, just say, “Would you pass the potatoes, please?”

? Don’t leave with the argument boiling inside you - imagine balling it up and throwing it into the fire before you go.

? Don’t throw any food. Or I you do, choose the mash potatoes or a roll -- those are less likely to stain than the cranberries.