Choir replaces Jesus with Hillary in gospel song

It was quite a spectacle over the weekend in New Hampshire -- when followers of Hillary Clinton sang praise songs to their Lord and Savior.

“I woke up this morning with my heart stayed on Hillary,” crooned the Voices of the Heart, a “women’s alternative chorus.”

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The ladies desecrated an old gospel song at an official campaign stop -- replacing the word Jesus with the word Hillary.

This is just plain creepy -- and not just because a bunch of women are waking up thinking about Hillary Clinton.

It's downright sacrilegious.

But it's not the first time that Democrats have tried to deify their leaders -- as I documented in my book, "God Less America."

Anybody remember the Newsweek covers touting President Obama as the “Second Coming” or the artwork depicting him as the crucified Christ?

Or what about the time school children were ordered to sing praise songs to the president, “Barack Hussein Obama – mmm mmm mmm.”

And how could we forget the time one of the president's  disciples at MSNBC actually called him God.

Of course, it would explain why the Democrats once tried to vote the Almighty out of their platform.

They've only got room for one god in their party -- or as the case may be goddess.