Charlottesville, Trump and angry white males

I’m going to tackle the ten-ton elephant in the room. Charlottesville. What a disgrace. What a tragedy.

But what the hell does it have to do with President Donald Trump? The answer is nothing. Let me explain.

I truly am the expert on what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, last weekend. Because I wrote the book -- literally.

My 2016 book "Angry White Male" explained, analyzed and predicted the entire Trump phenomenon and election victory- when no one else saw it coming.

As a card-carrying S.O.B. (son of a butcher), I have a unique understanding of butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. I grew up in a blue-collar New York neighborhood of cops, firemen, nurses, mechanics, and small business owners.

I love the middle class and small business owners (who are America's upper middle class). I understand them. I understand how important they are to the U.S. economy.

Pew Research reports the American middle class is composed of four groups and all of them are predominantly white.

My book explained in detail why the middle class overwhelmingly supported Trump. It was titled “Angry White Male” simply because the American middle class is primarily white. And as a kid who grew up white, male and middle class, I have a unique understanding of the hopes, dreams and fears of that specific group.

The typical Trump voter is NOT a racist. I was opening speaker at all six Donald Trump campaign events in Las Vegas. I never saw or heard one instance of racism at any Trump event...nor at any of the hundreds of Tea Party events that I spoke at across America from 2009 to 2015.

The anger of almost every white middle class Trump voter has nothing to do with racism...and everything to do with economics. It’s about financial survival, not race. The middle class is being targeted for extinction. It is being persecuted and wiped off the face of the earth by liberal/progressive/socialist economic policies.

The middle class and small business owners are not concerned with the color of anyone's skin. They are concerned with big taxes, big regulations, big government, illegal immigration and using ObamaCare, climate change, and government agencies like the EPA and the IRS to kill our jobs and redistribute our hard-earned income. Those are the reasons middle class voters are angry. Those are the reasons 63 million Americans chose Donald Trump. Not race.

We are fighting for our survival. We know liberal big government policies are destroying our jobs, incomes, assets, opportunity and mobility. We know liberal big government policies are killing the American Dream. We see that our kids are being left behind. And we know giving government more power and money will make it worse.

We are screaming for help. We voted for Donald Trump out of self-defense.

But the groups marching in Charlottesville last weekend were not Republican, conservative, or “Trump voters.” 

They were KKK white supremacists and extremists. Those kinds of people are nutcases. As my butcher dad would say, “They have a screw loose.” Anyone who marches at night, in the South, with torches, is clearly mentally ill and dangerous to all of us -- including Trump voters.

But what the hell does all of that have to do with President Trump? Or 63 million Trump voters?

Trump didn't endorse them -- although that's certainly what the media wants us to believe. Trump didn't apologize for them. Trump just pointed out that extremism on both sides is unacceptable. That hate on both sides is unacceptable. That racism on both sides is unacceptable. And that if the leftist marchers were in fact carrying deadly weapons (such as baseball bats, blowtorches and soda cans filled with concrete) they were to blame too.

Does pointing that out make someone a neo-Nazi?

Because neither Obama nor Hillary were ever blamed by the mainstream media for violence coming from leftist groups like antifa or Black Lives Matter. Neither Obama nor Hillary were ever blamed for disgusting signs displayed at leftist events. Neither were blamed for the disgraceful things said at those leftist events. People chanted "death to pigs (police) and “death to Israel” at leftist events all theme. Yet the media never blamed Obama or Hillary.

Not only were they not blamed for what extreme left activists said or did...but I never saw the media blame Obama for not condemning the radical, extreme and disgusting things done and said at those protests.

Many of my friends are cops. They saw it all. They couldn't believe that leftist activists wanted to murder cops, Jews, and...President Trump. They say those things openly. They have signs saying it. Yet no Democratic Party leader ever condemned them for their foul-mouthed behavior, threats of violence, or racism.

And isn't it remarkable, the media never said a word. No blame for Obama. No blame for Hillary. No blame for Bernie for not condemning leftist extremism.

By the way, I’m Jewish. The KKK hates me too. They want to kill me just as much as any black American. Like I said, they are sick in the head. The people marching in Charlottesville were a combination of brainless and toothless. They are missing a chromosome.

But they have nothing to do with me. Yes, I'm a Trump supporter. The KKK and Neo Nazi battle is not our battle. I’m not on their team. Their racist anger has nothing to do with typical middle class Trump voters’ anger at taxes, regulations, lax illegal immigration laws, big government and the IRS. That small crowd of demented losers marching in Charlottesville had nothing to do with President Trump's victory.

Any attempt by the biased liberal media to tie a KKK march in Charlottesville with Trump and 63 million Trump voters is pure fraud and misrepresentation.

And then there was President Trump's response to Charlottesville -- and the media headlines excoriating him for criticizing extremism on both sides.

We've all witnessed hundreds of examples of hate, racism and violence by the left since Trump's election. We've seen leftist groups like antifa and Black Lives Matter chant about hate and death to Trump, police officers, Republicans, conservatives and Jews in Israel. Heck, we've seen half of Hollywood begging for Trump's assassination.

Don't you think President Trump has seen and heard all these death threats?

Why should extremists on the left get a pass? Why shouldn't President Trump (the man they threaten  to murder) be allowed to point out that there are bad people on both sides?

On Twitter and Facebook, liberals by the thousands (per minute) threaten the assassination of Trump. Yet the president isn't allowed to point out the terrible extremism on both sides? The terrible divide on both sides? The terrible behavior on both sides? Why not?

Now we've seen one incident of extremism and violence from a group supposedly on the right. It's the first one I've seen, or heard of. And I study news for a living. I'd argue the KKK isn't on "the right." They aren't a political group. They are a hate group. They are mentally ill. Like many violent leftist demonstrators, they desperately need a straight-jacket, rubber room and a hug from mommy.

To point that out, is not an endorsement of the KKK.

Donald Trump’s response was 100 percent correct. Hate, racism and violence on either side -- left or right -- is heinous and unacceptable. There is nothing wrong with that.