California grade school flies American flag upside down

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One of our readers was driving by Blach Intermediate School in Los Altos, California the other day and noticed something unusual about the American flag. It was posted upside down.

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"I truly believe that what they are teaching in our schools is that it is okay to disrespect our flag," the reader told me.

She said she stopped by the school to find out why the flag had been flying upside down for most of the day.

"I am just shocked and appalled," the reader said.

Principal Bhavna Narula told me a staff member raised the flag and did not realize it was posted incorrectly.

“We, too, were surprised and immediately corrected the mistake,” she said. “Of course, the American flag is never to be flown in that manner.”

The principal said they quickly fixed the flag once they were alerted by a member of the community. However, the reader, who sent me the photograph said the flag had been flying upside down for the entire school day.

“This was truly a mistake,” the principal told me. “We respectfully and diligently work to follow established flag protocols in our daily raising and lowering of our American Flag.”