Brexit shocker: Hey, UK establishment elites, you just got Trumped!

It’s pitchforks and prison time in the UK.

Thursday's vote was another “shot heard around the world.” Except this time the British people sided with the American Revolution. They voted for a very Trump-like shocker -- to leave the EU behind and think “Britain first.”

Britain’s elites and political establishment just got Trumped.

The UK “Brexit” vote is the canary in the coal mine. Does the Washington, D.C. establishment understand what just happened in the UK? Do they understand the implications for our U.S. presidential election in November?

“Brexit” was a perfect model for our U.S. political divide. On one side was our very own Barack Obama, who campaigned in UK for “REMAIN.” On the other side was our very own Donald Trump, who was rooting for a “LEAVE” vote.

None of the so-called “experts” thought a “LEAVE” vote had a snowball’s chance in hell. The big money was bet at London bookmakers on “REMAIN.” The UK media universally predicted "REMAIN" would be the winner.

But this time "the peasants with pitchforks” weren’t buying the establishment lies (like they always had in the past). Just like Trump’s voters, the working and middle class voters of UK were in a foul mood and ready to throw the tea overboard.

Just like in America, the cities and urban centers of UK, filled with the very rich and elite…and the very poor, minority and foreign-born immigrants (UK’s version of liberal Democrats) voted overwhelmingly for the status quo (REMAIN in the EU).

Just like in America, the suburbs, small rural towns and citizens of the all-white countryside (UK’s version of conservative Republicans) voted overwhelmingly for “LEAVE.” These were Britain’s version of Trump voters: working and middle class, native-born, white voters.

Just like a preview of November’s presidential election, the white and suburban/rural crowd was angry, outraged and sick and tired of years of big government, big taxes, big spending, big entitlements, big debt, an insolvent government-run national health care system, a loss of sovereignty, and the disastrous importation of Muslim immigrants into the UK.

Just like the Trump army, they voted against political correctness and globalization. They voted for “Britain First.”

And something amazing happened. The peasants with pitchforks won. It all bodes disaster for Hillary Clinton and the Democrats in November.

The peasants are rising up. Just like in the UK on Thursday night, the lies, distractions and threats no longer work. The liberal media can no longer cover up the truth about what the left is doing -- it should be called “the premeditated murder of the middle class.”

Donald Trump has awakened the sleeping masses. But our version is called "America First."

The Washington elites, GOP establishment and big government liberals better get ready for pitchforks and prison too. Because that light at the end of the tunnel is the Trump Express aimed straight at them.

Britain’s Brexit vote just proved it’s the year of the angry white male.