A Nobel piece of my mind

Perhaps we should have the winner of the Nobel Prize for Science determine what the heck in the water in Norway these days.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has just been awarded the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize?


They won the...WHAT?

The group was awarded the prize, in the words of the Nobel Committee, "for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons." Well, if you ask me -- and the people of Syria- certainly not extensive enough to win a prize!

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It was only months ago that we were all subject to the ghastly images of babies killed by chemical weapons. This is folly.

I can name five people right off the bat who were more deserving of the prize:

Malala Yousafzai. This is the young woman who captured the attention of the world when she was shot in the eye by the savages of the Taliban for daring to speak out for education for women and girls in the Muslim world. She humbles us all. In the greatest sense of the phrase: Enough said. Cut the check to Ms. Yousafzai.

Dr. Denis Mukwege. Truly deserving of a prize for the pursuit of peace as he dedicates his life to the victims of brutality, this gynecological surgeon is the founder of Panzi, a hospital for the tens of thousands of women raped by militants in the Congo. Dr. Mukwege alone performs up to ten surgeries a day. What do you think HE could do with a million dollars and some notoriety?

Our Own Ellen Ratner. A Founder of Talk Radio News Service (full disclosure, a friend) Ellen has founded Goats For The Old Goat a charity whose mission is to raise money and awareness to fight hunger in South Sudan, one goat at a time.

Ellen's plan to have donations go towards the purchase of goats for the people of South Sudan was her way of celebrating her 60th birthday, when in her own mind, Ellen became an “Old Goat.”

The genius and simplicity of providing goats for food and milk has resulted in thousands of goats purchased, changing the lives of tens of thousands of human beings.

Delivering people from the bondage of malnutrition is the pursuit of peace in it's purest form, no?

Knowing Ellen, she'd match the Nobel Peace Prize money with her own money and give that away as well.

Bono. Normally, calling out celebs for self-serving check-cutting is my bailiwick. In this case, Bono is a guy who seems to do way more charitable work, than work work.

He seems to be everywhere, all the time and always raising awareness for a cause I have never heard of.

I bet the Mulago Positive Women's Network or War Child would have benefitted from Bono's winning the Nobel Prize.

My final worthy nominee is someone I met for the first time this very week when I invited her on my radio show to discuss her non profit charitable organization.

Clare Effiong is a gentle, quiet and humble lady who left her post as a diplomat at the United Nations to create Esther's Aid which supports needy and abandoned children in Rwanda.

While in my studio this morning she told me how sex trafficking throughout Rwanda involves little girls as young as eight-years-old. One in five Rwandan children never even lives to see their fifth birthday.

The organization teaches girls life skills from sewing to cooking to agriculture, in addition to academic subjects like reading and math.

Clare says she was neither called by nor dispatched to Rwanda.

I think she's implying it was divine intervention.

If God's working to achieve peace through anybody, it's Clare Effiong.

There's a winner for you.